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Nyxem Spread by Country

Countries affected by the Nyxem (or Blackworm or Kama Sutra or MyWife or CME 24) Virus in January and early February 2006.

Support for this work was provided by Cisco Systems, NSF, DHS, and CAIDA members.

Cooperative Association for Internet Data AnalysisUniversity of California at San DiegoSan Diego Supercomputer CenterCisco SystemsNational Science FoundationU.S. Department of Homeland Security

Nyxem AnalysisIn-depth look at the graphs of the AmericasChart with minimum and maximum estimates of Nyxem infections per country

Each graph shows the number of IP addresses, number of probes sent to the web counter, and number of /24 subnets containing an infected computer in that country. Countries with very few infections such that timeseries graphs are not useful and informative have been omitted.

CountrySpread per Duration                     CountrySpread per Duration
Afghanistan, Islamic State of5 Minutes1 Hour Kuwait5 Minutes1 Hour
Albania5 Minutes1 Hour Laos5 Minutes1 Hour
Netherlands Antilles5 Minutes1 Hour Lebanon5 Minutes1 Hour
United Arab Emirates5 Minutes1 Hour Libya5 Minutes1 Hour
Argentina5 Minutes1 Hour Sri Lanka5 Minutes1 Hour
Australia5 Minutes1 Hour Lithuania5 Minutes1 Hour
Austria5 Minutes1 Hour Luxembourg5 Minutes1 Hour
Azerbaidjan5 Minutes1 Hour Latvia5 Minutes1 Hour
Belgium5 Minutes1 Hour Morocco5 Minutes1 Hour
Benin5 Minutes1 Hour Monaco5 Minutes1 Hour
Burkina Faso5 Minutes1 Hour Maldives5 Minutes1 Hour
Bangladesh5 Minutes1 Hour Mexico5 Minutes1 Hour
Bulgaria5 Minutes1 Hour Macedonia5 Minutes1 Hour
Bahrain5 Minutes1 Hour Malta5 Minutes1 Hour
Bahamas5 Minutes1 Hour Myanmar5 Minutes1 Hour
Bosnia-Herzegovina5 Minutes1 Hour Mauritius5 Minutes1 Hour
Belarus5 Minutes1 Hour Malaysia5 Minutes1 Hour
Bolivia5 Minutes1 Hour Nigeria5 Minutes1 Hour
Brazil5 Minutes1 Hour Nicaragua5 Minutes1 Hour
Brunei Darussalam5 Minutes1 Hour Netherlands5 Minutes1 Hour
Canada5 Minutes1 Hour Norway5 Minutes1 Hour
Switzerland5 Minutes1 Hour Nepal5 Minutes1 Hour
Chile5 Minutes1 Hour New Zealand5 Minutes1 Hour
China5 Minutes1 Hour Oman5 Minutes1 Hour
Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire)5 Minutes1 Hour Pakistan5 Minutes1 Hour
Cameroon5 Minutes1 Hour Panama5 Minutes1 Hour
Colombia5 Minutes1 Hour Peru5 Minutes1 Hour
Costa Rica5 Minutes1 Hour Philippines5 Minutes1 Hour
Cyprus5 Minutes1 Hour Papua New Guinea5 Minutes1 Hour
Czech Republic5 Minutes1 Hour Poland5 Minutes1 Hour
Germany5 Minutes1 Hour Puerto Rico5 Minutes1 Hour
Denmark5 Minutes1 Hour Portugal5 Minutes1 Hour
Algeria5 Minutes1 Hour Paraguay5 Minutes1 Hour
Ecuador5 Minutes1 Hour Palestinian Authority5 Minutes1 Hour
Egypt5 Minutes1 Hour Qatar5 Minutes1 Hour
Spain5 Minutes1 Hour Romania5 Minutes1 Hour
Estonia5 Minutes1 Hour Russian Federation5 Minutes1 Hour
Finland5 Minutes1 Hour Saudi Arabia5 Minutes1 Hour
France5 Minutes1 Hour Sudan5 Minutes1 Hour
United Kingdom5 Minutes1 Hour Senegal5 Minutes1 Hour
Ghana5 Minutes1 Hour Singapore5 Minutes1 Hour
Gibraltar5 Minutes1 Hour El Salvador5 Minutes1 Hour
Greece5 Minutes1 Hour Slovak Republic5 Minutes1 Hour
Guatemala5 Minutes1 Hour Slovenia5 Minutes1 Hour
Guam [US]5 Minutes1 Hour Sweden5 Minutes1 Hour
Hong Kong5 Minutes1 Hour Seychelles5 Minutes1 Hour
Honduras5 Minutes1 Hour Syria5 Minutes1 Hour
Croatia5 Minutes1 Hour Thailand5 Minutes1 Hour
Haiti5 Minutes1 Hour Trinidad and Tobago5 Minutes1 Hour
Hungary5 Minutes1 Hour Tunisia5 Minutes1 Hour
Indonesia5 Minutes1 Hour Turkey5 Minutes1 Hour
India5 Minutes1 Hour Taiwan5 Minutes1 Hour
Ireland5 Minutes1 Hour Tanzania5 Minutes1 Hour
Iran5 Minutes1 Hour Uganda5 Minutes1 Hour
Iraq5 Minutes1 Hour Ukraine5 Minutes1 Hour
Israel5 Minutes1 Hour Uruguay5 Minutes1 Hour
Italy5 Minutes1 Hour United States5 Minutes1 Hour
Jordan5 Minutes1 Hour Venezuela5 Minutes1 Hour
Japan5 Minutes1 Hour Vietnam5 Minutes1 Hour
Kazakhstan5 Minutes1 Hour Yemen5 Minutes1 Hour
Kenya5 Minutes1 Hour Yugoslavia5 Minutes1 Hour
Cambodia, Kingdom of5 Minutes1 Hour South Africa5 Minutes1 Hour
South Korea5 Minutes1 Hour Zimbabwe5 Minutes1 Hour

About the Authors:

David Moore is the Technical Director of CAIDA and Ph.D. Candidate in the UCSD Computer Science Department. Colleen Shannon is a Senior Security Researcher at the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). David and Colleen also run the UCSD Network Telescope. The Network Telescope and associated security efforts are a joint project of the UCSD Computer Science and Engineering Department and the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis.

This work was sponsored by:

Cooperative Association for Internet Data AnalysisUniversity of California at San DiegoSan Diego Supercomputer CenterCisco SystemsNational Science FoundationU.S. Department of Homeland Security
Grants from Cisco Systems, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and CAIDA members.

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