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2. Hardware Questions

2.1 What are the CoralReef machine specs?

A CoralReef monitor is just a PC computer with one or more network cards that can listen to a network connection. The CoralReef software can run on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, or any other POSIX or unix-like operating system. The exect hardware specicifications will depend on the bandwidth of traffic you plan to monitor, how you plan to process the traffic, and other details of your situation, but some factors to consider are:

For reference, CAIDA routinely performs packet header capture of 10 GigE traffic at a major internet exchange with a pair of DAG 6.2SE cards in a host with two dual-core 3.0 GHz Intel Xeon CPUs, 8 GB of memory, in a 2U chassis.

2.2 What are the specifications for the monitor card?

This is specific to the link which you would like to monitor. The cards supported by CoralReef are:

2.3 How do I tap a network link?

Monitoring real traffic on point-to-point links requires diverting a copy of the traffic to the monitor interface. Several options exist:

2.4 Is there a vendor or system integrator you can recommend?

A CoralReef monitor is just a PC compatible machine. Because we purchase equipment from many vendors, we cannot recommend any one in particular.

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