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skitter - Non-CAIDA publications referencing skitter tool or data

This page lists publications by non-CAIDA researchers that have references to the CAIDA skitter tool. We compiled this list in November 2004. If your publication referring to skitter data is not included here, please email and we will be happy to update our list.

See also: Non-CAIDA publications based on skitter data

Publications referencing skitter tool or data

Indexed by Topic (# of entries); 109 entries total

Topology (29)

 [PDF] BRITE: An Approach to Universal Topology Generation
A Medina, A Lakhina, I Matta, J Byers
... by other topology generators (GT-ITM [3], Inet [9], Tiers [5], BRITE 1.0 [11]) or
topological data gathered directly from the Internet (NLANR [12], Skitter [4 ...
Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium in Modeling …, 2001 - - -

 [PDF] BRITE: Universal Topology Generation from a User’s Perspective
A Medina, A Lakhina, I Matta, J Byers
... by other topology generators (GT-ITM [5], Inet [13], Tiers [8], BRITE 1.0 [16])
or topological data gathered directly from the Internet (NLANR [17], Skitter [6 ...
Proceedings of Workshop the International Workshop on … - - - -

 [PDF] Towards Internet Interconnection Co-ordination: Measuring Internet Topology
JP van Best
... Data Analysis (CAIDA), skitter, ...
Pansiot, “Analysis of the Autonomous System Network Topology”, in Computer ...

 [PDF] Locality of Internet Connections
JP van Best, WG Vree
... presented. 2.Topology Data. ... same. The CAIDA organisation tries to track and
visualise the Internet, using the SKITTER-tool[HPDC02]. ...
12th Annual INET Conf: Internet Crossroads (INET) - -

[PDF] Network topology generators: Degree-based vs structural
H Tangmunarunkit, R Govindan, S Jamin, S Shenker, …
Network Topology Generators: Degree-Based vs. ... The first network topology generator
to become widely used in protocol simulations was developed by Waxman [48]. ...
ACM SIGCOMM, 2002 - - - -

[PS] On Characterizing Network Hierarchy
H Tangmunarunkit, R Govindan, S Jamin, S Shenker, …
... Abstract— Our previous work in topology charac- terization and hierarchy [1] introduced
a hierarchy metric to explore the hierarchical structure in vari- ous ...
Technical Report 03-782, Computer Science Department, … -

[PS] On characterizing network topologies and analyzing their impact on protocol design
P Radoslavov, H Tangmunarunkit, H Yu, R Govindan, …
... Clustering may alter some of our results, and should be the subject of future research.
2 Topology Characterization. ... 3 Impact of Topology on Protocols. ...
Univ. of Southern Calif., Tech. Rep. CS-00-731, 2000 - - - -

 [PDF] Heuristics for Internet Map Discovery
R Govindan, H Tangmunarunkit
... Finally, the skitter tool [6 ... Techniques for collecting other representations of Internet,
such as the AS (Autonomous System) topology, have also been documented ...
IEEE INFOCOM 2000 - - - -

[PDF] Network topologies, power laws, and hierarchy
H Tangmunarunkit, R Govindan, S Jamin, S Shenker, …
... Conse- quently, the network topology generators most widely used by the Internet
research community, GT-ITM [7] and Tiers [11], create networks with a ...
Submitted for publication, 2001 - - - -

[PS] Eliminating Machine Duplicity in Traceroute based Internet Topology Measurements
H Burch
... Internet Topology Measurements. Hal Burch. May 2002. ... Page 2. Keywords: Internet,
network measurement, network topology, traceroute, IP aliasing. Page 3. 1 Overview ... -

[PS] Mapping and Visualizing the Internet
B Cheswick, H Burch, S Branigan
... It was clear that a knowledge of the Internet’s topology might be useful to ... CAIDA
are collecting a number of metrics from the Internet with their skitter [19 ...
Proc. USENIX Technical Conference, 2000 - - - -

 [PDF] Discovering General Logical Network Topologies
M Coates, M Rabbat, R Nowak
... The Mercator project [14], Caida’s skitter project [1], and the ... work presented here,
these approaches focus on physical topology identification, combining ... -

[PDF] Merging logical topologies using end-to-end measurements
M Coates, M Rabbat, R Nowak
... The Mercator project [14], Caida’s skitter project [1], and the ... work presented here,
these approaches focus on physical topology identification, combining ...
Proc. IMC - - -

 [PDF] Modeling the Web: Linking Discrete and Continuous
N Deo, B Litow, P Gupta
... Internet topology and traffic are defined by data communications lines and resource
allocation. ... WWW. topology is aggregate sum of individual decisions. ... -

[PDF] World Wide Web: A graph-theoretic perspective
N Deo, P Gupta
... be involved. in the best of circumstances on the Internet. Internet topology
and traffic are defined by. data communications lines ...
Technical Report CSTR-01-001, School of Computer Science, … -

[PDF] The Interdomain Connectivity of PlanetLab Nodes
S Banerjee, TG Griffin, M Pias
... to do this might be to examine various routing and topological data that are available
from sites like Caida (, eg Skitter data, and ... - - - -

[PDF] TopoMon: A Monitoring Tool for Grid Network Topology
M den Burger, T Kielmann, HE Bal
... Keshav. Dis- covering Internet Topology. In IEEE INFO- COM, 1999. [19]
Skitter. tools/measurement/skitter. ...
International Conference on Computational Science (2), 2002 - -

... to be sent through various routes in the event of a connection going down. Currently,
there are only a handful of projects that are dedicated to storing internet topology. data. ...

[PDF] Why Mapping the Internet is Hard
A Clauset, C Moore, L However…
... explored in [14, 16]), are inherently biased, how many sources are needed, as a
function of network size and topology, to accurately ... [3] CAIDA skitter Project. ...
Arxiv preprint cond-mat/0407339, 2004 - -

 [PDF] Mapping the Internet
A Danesh, L Trajkovic, SH Rubin, MH Smith
... the work of Cheswick and Burch [6] and the CAIDA Skitter project [7 ... IP networks has
two main components: • Discovery of the network topology • Rendering of ...
IFSA World Congress and 20th NAFIPS International Conference …, 2001 - - -

 [PDF] Relevance of Massively Distributed Explorations of the Internet Topology: Simulation Results
JL Guillaume, M Latapy
... of the Internet Topology: Simulation Results. ... Index Terms— Internet topology,
graphs, metrology, ac- tive measurements. I NTRODUCTION . ...
preprint-http://www. liafa. jussieu. fr/latapy/Publis, 2004 - -

[PDF] Inferring AS Relationships Beyond Counting Edges
B Huber, S Leinen, R Dell, Rr Wattenhofer
... relationship. Thorough knowledge of the Internet routing topology can also
aid in choosing locations for webserver replicas. Along ... -

 [PDF] Characterization of the Internet at the AS Level
I Khalifa
... an exten- sive study to examine the incompleteness of topology information deduced ...
Broido and Claffy [12] run the Skitter measurement tool de- veloped at the ...

 [PS] Topology Modeling via cluster graphs
B Krishnamurthy, J Wang
... and peformance, [3] M. Faloutsos, P. Faloutsos,
and C. Faloutsos. On power-law rela- tionships of the Internet topology. ... - - - -

[PDF] Rapid generation of structural model from network measurement
KC Lan
... Finally, to get a complete picture of network-wide view of traffic, topology and
path characteristics, we plan to explore approaches to correlate and integrate ... -

M Liljenstam, J Liu, DM Nicol
... Internet Topology Gener- ator (BRITE) (Medina et al. 2001). The current version
of BRITE provides facilities for importing data from CAIDA’s skitter (McRobb ...
Proceedings of the 2003 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC’ …, 2003 - - -

[PDF] Topology discovery for large ethernet networks
B Lowekamp, DR O’Hallaron, T Gross
...Skitter has been developed by CAIDA to combine traceroute and benchmark ... information,
traceroute, measurements, and heuristics to determine network topology [17 ...
Proceedings of SIGCOMM 2001, 2001 - - - -

[PS] A clustering approach for exploring the Internet structure
G Sagie, A Wool
... Burch and Branigan [BC99, CBB00] studied the Internet topology and drew ... CAIDA’s Skitter
project [CAI02, HBC + ] describes a visualization that shows a ...
Technical Report EES2003-7, Dept. Electrical Engineering … -

 [PDF]  Topology inference in the presence of anonymous routers
B Yao, R Viswanathan, F Chang, D Waddington
Page 1. Topology Inference in the Presence of. ... Abstract— Many topology discovery
systems rely on traceroute to discover path information in public networks. ...
Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM - - -

Routing (11)

 [PDF] Rapid Exploration of Internet Live Address Space Using Optimal Discovery Path
A Zeitoun, S Jamin
... Abstract— Several Internet mapping and topology discovery applications inspect multiple
IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to discover Internet address regions ...
Global Telecommunications Conference, 2003. GLOBECOM'03. …, 2003 - -

 [PDF] Fast Discovery of Live Internet Address Prefixes
AZS Jamin
... prefixes (APs). Examples of such services include IP2Geo, IDMaps, network
topology discovery, and Web cache and proxy placement. These ...

[PDF] The impact of routing policy on internet paths
H Tangmunarunkit, R Govindan, S Shenker, D Estrin
... Finally, more recent work has looked at macroscopic properties of the
inter-AS topology [10], [11]. By relating the AS structure ...
IEEE INFOCOM, 2001 - - - - -

 [PS] Internet path inflation due to policy routing
H Tangmunarunkit, R Govindan, S Shenker
... and Performance." 7. R. Siamwalla, R. Sharma,
and S. Keshav, \Discovering Internet Topology." Unpublished manuscript. ...
Proceeding of SPIE ITCom, 2001 - - -

 [PDF] Stability on end-to-end path in the Internet
J Bi, Q Wu, Z Li
... Paxson 1997) (Paxson 1999), IPMA, Surveyor, RIPETT, WAND, NLANR, skitter and vBNS ...
when the path makes physical upgrading and physical topology or operation in ...

[PDF] Impact of Path Diversity on Multi-homed and Overlay Networks
J Han, F Jahanian
... Our study motivates new research directions—constructing topology-awaremulti-homing
and overlay networks for bet- ter availability. 1 Introduction. ...


 [PDF] Topology-based detection of anomalous BGP messages
C Kruegel, D Mutz, W Robertson, F Valeur
Page 1. Topology-Based Detection. of Anomalous BGP Messages. Christopher ... but.
Page 3. Topology-Based Detection of Anomalous BGP Messages. 19. ...
6th Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection ( … - - - -

[PDF] Hierarchical Routing
A Parekh
... ISP routing policies without exposing internal. network statistics such as load
and topology. T Tremendous growth in the last 10 years… ... 20. Skitter Legend. ...

[PDF] Quantifying the causes of path inflation
N Spring, R Mahajan, T Anderson
... We present a trace-driven study of 65 ISPs that characterizes the root causes of
path inflation, namely topology and routing policy choices within an ISP ...
ACM SIGCOMM, 2003 - - - -

 [PDF] In Search of Path Diversity in ISP Networks
R Teixeira, K Marzullo, S Savage, GM Voelker
... Comparing the real Sprint topology to the one inferred by Rocketfuel, we find that
the Rocketfuel topology has significantly higher apparent path diversity. ...
Proceedings of the 2003 ACM SIGCOMM conference on Internet …, 2003 - - - -

[PDF] Exploiting routing redundancy using a wide-area overlay
BY Zhao, L Huang, JD Kubiatowicz, AD Joseph
... 40 percent of outages took more 30 minutes to repair; and inter-domain routers take
tens of minutes to reach a consistent view of the network topology after a ...
Technical Report CSD-02-1215, UC Berkeley, Nov 2002 - - - -

Distance in the Internet (7)

[PDF] Geographic properties of Internet routing
L Subramanian, VN Padmanabhan, RH Katz
... Much of the work has focused on study- ing topology purely at the network level ... Examples
include the MapNet [24] and Skitter [28] projects at CAIDA and the ...
USENIX Annual Technical Conference, 2002 - - - -

[PDF] On Inferring the Geographic Properties of the Internet
L Subramanian
... Much of the work has focused on studying topology purely at the network level ... Examples
include the MapNet [49] and Skitter [55] projects at CAIDA and the ...

 [PDF] IDMaps: A Global Internet Host Distance Estimation Service
P Francis, S Jamin, C Jin, Y Jin, D Raz, Y Shavitt …
... In other words, the distance information will not reflect transient net-. work
conditions, and will only adjust to “permanent” topology changes. ...
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2001 - - -

 [PDF] APAN: Asia-Pacific Advanced Network
K Konishi, K Chon, S Goto
... Fig. 1 APAN Network Topology. ... measurement tools are used for the operation: ping,
traceroute, pathchar, mping, OC3mon, Smartbits, Netperf, skitter, surveyor [13 ... -

[PDF] Mapping the Philippine Internet using the Border Gateway Protocol
GLV Ledesma
... net Data Analysis (CAIDA) has several tools, among them Skitter and MapNet ... are also
becoming hesitant in sharing peering information or topology about their ... -

[PDF] Spatialization of Web Sites Using a Weighted Frequency Model of Navigation Data
RF Reitsma, L Thabane, JMB MacLeod
Page 1. Spatialization of Web Sites Using a Weighted Frequency. Model of
Navigation Data. René F. Reitsma Department of Accounting ...
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and …, 2004 - - - -

 [PDF] The Effects of Server Placement and Server Selection for Internet Services
R Somegawa, K Cho, Y Sekiya, S Yamaguchi
... of the DNS root servers to a large number of DNS clients [7]. The measurement is
done by co-locating an active measurement tool, called skitter, with six of ...
IEICE Trans. on Communications - - -

Security (9)

[PDF] SIFF: A Stateless Internet Flow Filter to Mitigate DDoS Flooding Attacks
... s destination. The pieces at each router are generated entirely from packet
header data and local topology information. SIFF provides ... - -

[PS] Extended and Authenticated Marking Schemes for IP Traceback
D Song
... compromised. It is a dicult problem to trace back spoofed IP packets because
the stateless nature of routing in the Internet. Researchers ...

 [PDF] Hop-count filtering: An effective defense against spoofed DDoS traffic
C Jin, H Wang, KG Shin
... Page 5. Map [9], Mercator [21], Rocketfuel [40], and Skitter [10] projects, may
make the approach plausible. However, the current topology mappings put together ...
Proc. ACM CCS - - - -

[PDF] Implications of Peer-to-Peer Networks on Worm Attacks and Defenses
JKK Lakshminarayanan
... Active probing has the advan- tage of being faster and of yielding a more complete
topology information, as compared to passive prob- ing. ... -

 [PDF] Tearing Down the Internet
D Magoni
... in [2] during the year 2001 on a snap- shot of the AS level topology. ... of the IP giant
component (a 52 505-node map created from the Skitter data) under attack ...
Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal on, 2003 -

 [PDF] Adjusted Probabilistic Packet Marking for IP Traceback
T Peng, C Leckie, K Ramamohanarao
Page 1. Adjusted Probabilistic Packet Marking for IP. Traceback. Tao Peng
1 , Christopher Leckie 1 , and Kotagiri Ramamohanarao 2. 1 ...
Proceedings of Networking 2002 - - -

[PDF] Practical Network Support for IP Traceback
S Savage, D Wetherall, A Karlin, T Anderson
... Using a pre-generated “map” of Internet topology, the victim coerces selected hosts
along the upstream route into iteratively flooding each incoming link ...
Proceedings of the 2000 ACM SIGCOMM Conference, 2000 - - - -

 [PDF] GOSSIB vs. IP Traceback Rumors
M Waldvogel
... can range from simple sanity checks (eg, whether the reconstructed topology makes
sense ... of time by the attacker using mapping tools such as Skitter [Ski] or ...
Proc. 18th Ann. Computer Security Applications Conf - - - -

[PDF] Routing worm: A fast, selective attack worm based on ip address information
CC Zou, D Towsley, W Gong, S Cai
... The Skitter project at CAIDA provides detailed information of the AS number,
name, longitude and latitude for every AS in the Internet [34]. ...
Univ. Massachusetts Technical Report TRCSE-03, 2003 -

Internet measurements (21)

[PDF] A Wavelet-based Approach to Detect Shared Congestion
MS Kim, T Kim, YJ Shin, SS Lam, EJ Powers
... link. Such knowledge can be used to imple- ment cooperative congestion
control or improve the over- lay topology of a P2P system. ...
Technical report, University of Texas at Austin, Department … - -

 [PDF] Cooperative Resource Discovery and Sharing in Group Communications
EJ Powers, SM Nettles
... in group communication. We propose a framework for discovering the topology of a
shared. ... 5. Page 23. Chapter 2. IP multicast topology discovery. 2.1 Introduction ...

 [PDF] Global Internet Measurement Infrastructure
P Barford
... Another is the Skitter project [SK00] which uses traceroute probes to collect ... measurement
project is Route Views [RV97] which measures BGP routing behavior. ... -

[PDF] Design and Implementation of Large-scale Network Performance Measurement and Analysis System
J Bi, Q Wu, Z Li
... such as RIPETT [9] [10], WAND, TRIUMF, NLANR [7], Skitter and vBNS ... Because of the
diversity of network topology and implementation among routing protocols such ...

 [PDF] State of the Art in Performance Monitoring and Measurements
T Brekne, M Clemetsen, P Heegaard, T Ingvaldsen, B …
... Seemingly simple questions about topology, traffic, and routing are
surprisingly hard to answer in today’s IP networks.”[2]. ...

 [PDF] Internet Performance Monitoring
TM Chen, L Hu
... It is difficult to even discover the topology (connectivity) because of its ...
CAIDA’s (Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis) skitter uses a ...
Proceedings of the IEEE, 2002 - - -

[PS] Endpoint Internet Measurement
A Collins
...Skitter and Rocketfuel are not strictly endpoint techniques by the denition in section
1.2|both rely on end-host ... (traceroute) to obtain a topology measurement. ...

[PS] Short Term Behaviour of Ping Measurements
X Deng
Page 1. Short Term Behaviour of Ping Measurements. A thesis. submitted in partial
fullment. of the requirements for the degree. of. Master ...
University of Waikato, July, 1999 -

F Gonzalez, NS Majumdar, KI Lin, D Dasgupta
... there are tools to monitor the behavior of Internet: topology (Internet Tomography
[1 ... of active monitoring are: HEPnet, I2(Abilane) and Skitter [4]. Examples of ... -

[PDF] On the number of distributed measurement points for network tomography
JD Horton, A Lopez-Ortiz
... N2L 3G1, Canada ABSTRACT Internet topology information is
only made available in aggregate form by standard routing protocols. ...
Proceedings of the 2003 ACM SIGCOMM conference on Internet …, 2003 - - - -

 [PDF] Design and Implementation of One-way IP Performance Measurement Tool
J Jeong, S Lee, Y Kim, Y Choi
... Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analy- sis (CAIDA) Group has implemented
[6]. Skitter was made for analysis of Internet’s topology and performance. ...
Lecture Notes In Computer Science, 2002 - - - -

[PS] Internet Measurement
J Jung
... Page 3. SALab 5. Areas of Measurement [Claffy99]. Topology. Workload characteristic
(passive). ... Infrastructure-wide measurement: skitter [skitter]. Page 4. SALab ...

 [PDF] Improving traceroute data by dealing with non-responses
M Kaart, W Vree
... 14 Skitter is the measurement tool used by CAIDA, which is based on the same ... 15 Note
that this figure shows a router level topology where each IP address is ...

[PS] GNOSIS: Global Network Operations Status Information System
JA Kornblum, JM Smith
... between nodes. It can be used to learn and study a target network, gaining
topology and conguration information [33]. Such information ... -

 [PDF]Towards an accurate AS-level traceroute tool
ZM Mao, J Rexford, J Wang, R Katz
... 5 "Skitter," ... John Byers , Mark Crovella,
On the marginal utility of network topology measurements, Proceedings ...
ACM SIGCOMM, 2003 - - - - -

[PDF] Active Measurement for Multiple Link Failures Diagnosis in IP Networks
HX Nguyen, P Thiran
... in [6] for general topologies and in [7] for the current Internet topology. ... messages
can be implemented by tools like traceroute [8] or skitter [9]. Using ... - - -

 [PDF] Accurate Active Measurement in the Internet and its Applications
A Pasztor
Page 1. Accurate Active Measurement in the Internet. and its Applications. Attila
Pasztor. Submitted in total fulfilment of the. requirements of the degree of. ...
PhD thesis, The University of Melbourne (2003) - - -

[PDF] Measuring the net
M Peuhkuri
... Performance management. • Tracking topology and routing changes. • Tracing DoS attacks. ...
CAIDA s Skitter Project 3. ... - - -

[PDF] Grid Network Monitoring in the European Datagrid Project
PVB Primet, R Harakaly, F Bonnassieux
...Skitter (http://www. ... This research provides the community with insight into the
complexity of a large, heterogeneous and dynamic worldwide topology. ...
International Journal of High Performance Computing …, 2004 -

 [PDF] Snmp-based layer-3 path discovery
DT Stott
... have. limited path support. For example, Skitter [7] builds the topology
between backbone Internet routers and. collects performance ...
Tech. Rep. ALR-2002-005, Avaya Labs Research, Avaya Inc., … -

[PDF] Self-Configuring Network Monitor
P Investigator
... Tools such as skitter [41] and geoplot have been used to plot traffic ... Monitoring
data, as well as the network topology and configuration information, will need ... - - -

Quality of Service (13)

[PDF] A Scalable Real-time Monitoring System for Supporting Traffic Engineering
A Asgari, P Trimintzios, M Irons, G Pavlou, R Egan …
... for Internet Data Analysis) measurement environment that uses the Skitter tool for ...
enabled IP networks has three aspects: size of network topology, number and ...
IEEE Workshop on IP Operations and Management (IPOM 2002), …, 2002 - - -

[PDF] Building Quality-of-Service Monitoring Systems for Traffic Engineering and Service Management
AH Asgari, P Trimintzios, M Irons, R Egan, G …
... Scalability in QoS-enabled IP networks has three aspects: size of network topology,
number and granularity of the supported service classes, and number of ... -

 [PDF] QORE Toolkit for Quality of Service and Resource Optimization-Operations Research Techniques and …
D Hetzer, G Ufer, B Hechenleitner
... QORE Concepts Related Work Active measurement CAIDA Skitter and related work (see
[7], [3], [5], [6]) Surveyor (see [14]) Performance metrics and their ...

[PDF] Operation research techniques of QORE system for inter-domain capacity engineering
D Hetzer, G Ufer
... Active measurement CAIDA Skitter and related work (see [7], [3], [5], [6]) Surveyor
(see [14]) Performance metrics and their measurement. ...

[PDF] Distributed Measurement and Monitoring in IP Networks
U Hofmann, I Milouchewa
... [7] K. Claffy: Internet measurement and data analysis: Topology, workload, performance
and routing statistics. ... [24] CAIDA's Skitter project web page. ...
Proc. 5th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics …, 2001 - -

[PDF] Evaluation of architectures for QoS analysis of applications in Internet environment
U Hofmann, I Miloucheva, T Pfeiffenberger, F …
... Additionally, the performance analysis for QoS enabled applications and services
requires the integration of further components for topology and autonomous ... - -

 [PDF] Number: IST-1999-10077 Project Title:
H Doerken, J Mende, R Widera, UH Hechenleitner, I …
Page 1. Project Number: IST-1999-10077. Project Title: A QUILA. Adaptive Resource
Control for QoS Using an IP-based Layered Architecture. ...

S Generation
Page 1. LETSQoS. Milestone 2. Scenario Generation. Version 1.0. 03.12.2002. Page
2. List of Authors: Oliver Heckmann, Darmstadt University of Technology. ...

 [PDF] Mapping between QoS Parameters and Network Performance Metrics for SLA monitoring
HJ Lee, MS Kim, JW Hong, GH Lee
... SLA Provisioning means that service providers configure the network element or topology
to provide the ... NIMI ♦ Surveyor ♦ NLANR AMP ♦ PingER ♦ Skitter. ...

[PDF] Improving Application-level Network Services with Regions
J Li, K Sollins
... commercial interests, and topology information is not directly accessible
to researchers. To. ... network topology, network latency, etc. ...
Laboratory for Computer Science Research Abstracts, 2003 - - - -

[PDF] INTERMON Deliverable 3 “Specification of inter-domain QoS monitoring and structure discovery …
W No, D Type
... Skitter Project (CAIDA) CAIDA’s skitter tool [11] actively collects topology
and performance data from approximately 22 sources (as of April 2001 ...

 [PDF] Management of service level agreements for multimedia Internet service using a utility model
JT Park, JW Baek, JWK Hong
...Skitter Measures forward IP paths (each hop) from a source to. ... RIPE. Traffic such
as delays and routing-vectors IPMA Studies the performance of networks and ...
IEEE Communications Magazine, 2001 -

[PDF] 31/08/2002 08/10/2002 R–PP
QS Monitoring, M Benchmarking
... CAIDA’s skitter tool [13] actively collects topology and performance data from
approximately 22 sources (as of April 2001) around the world to hundreds of ...

Performance (7)

[PDF] Robust monitoring of link delays and faults in IP networks
Y Bejerano, R Rastogi
... As an example, skitter sends a sequence of probe messages to a set of destinations
and ... all the paths P s,t , for every t ∈ V , must have a tree topology. ...
Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM - -

 [PDF] Efficiently monitoring bandwidth and latency in IP networks
Y Breitbart, CY Chan, M Garofalakis, R Rastogi, A …
... to determine such “key” routers and interfaces for NetFlow deployment based on the
customers’ traffic flow patterns and network topology and architecture ...
Proc. IEEE INFOCOM - - - -

[PDF] Overview of IEPM-BW Bandwidth Testing of Bulk Data Transfer
R Les Cottrell, C Logg
... or some form of membership requirement) access to the data and reports: AMP [6],
PingER, skitter/skping [7 ... Figure 1: Topology of particpiating sites. Page 5. ...

[PDF] Experiences and Results from a New High Performance Network and Application Monitoring Toolkit
RL Cottrell, C Logg, IH Mei
... The AMP [6], PingER, and skitter/skping [7] projects perform ping and traceroute ...
RIPE also includes bandwidth and routing information but the results are only ...
Proceedings of the Passive and Active Monitoring Workshop, …, 2003 - - -

 [PDF] The spectrum of Internet performance
L Carbone, F Coccetti, P Dini, R Percacci, A …
... Huffaker et al. [4] have given many interesting plots (in particular scatterplots
of RTT vs distance) taken from some skitter monitors. ... -

[PS] Review of bandwidth estimation techniques
J Curtis, A McGregor, NZ Hamilton
... These values are likely to be interesting to adminis- trators who wish to discover
the topology of the network, or wish to investigate ... [4] \Skitter," http://www ...
New Zealand Computer Science Research Students’ Conference, 2001 - -

 [PS] M 2 RT: A Tool Developed for Predicting the Mean Message Response Time of Communication Channels in …
AKY Wong, TS Dillon, WWK Lin, MTW Ip
... Some of the example projects include AMP,. NIMI, PingER, RIPE’s, Skitter,
and Surveyor. For example, the article [14] provides some. ...
Computer Networks, 2001 -

Visualization (5)

[PDF] Datenvisualisierung und Data Mining
DA Keim
... vgl. Skitter Internet Graph [HBkc. + 01] in Abbildung 6). EinUberblickuber ... Jakubiec.
Visualizing internet topology at a macroscopic scale. In. http ...
Datenbank-Spektrum, 2002 -

 [PDF] Interactive Visualization of Large Graphs and Networks
T Munzner
... The Planet Mul-. ticast system for displaying the tunnel topology of the
Internet’s multicast backbone provides a literal 3D. ... 72. 4.1.5 Topology Data . . . ...
Computer Science -

[PDF] A Prototype Tool for Visual Data Mining of Network Traffic for Intrusion Detection
WYKLJ Barlow, J Rosendale
... in its own space independent of geography and the SKITTER diagrams of ... Network
Vulnerability Tool (NVT) which visually depicts the network topology under study ...

... in its own space independent of geography and the SKITTER diagrams of ... Network
Vulnerability Tool (NVT) that visually depicts the network topology under study ...

[PDF] Approaches to visualisation in bioinformatics: from dendrograms to Space Explorer
M Schroeder, D Gilbert, J van Helden, P Noy
... 4 Data Types: Comparison and multi-variate data. 6. 4.1 First case study: protein
topology comparisons. 6. ... 8. 5.2 First case study: protein topology comparisons. ...
Information Sciences: An International Journal, 2001 -

Multicast (2)

 [PDF] Issues on Multicast Measurement
H Park
... MVIEW. • Display and. interact with. the topology. of the MBone. • Collect and.
monitor. ... Monitors. tree. topology. and loss. statistics. • green: loss < 2%. ... -

 [PDF] Multicast Measurement for Dynamic Group Session
H Park
... Association for. Page 20. 16. Internet Data Analysis [CAIDA]. Projects
include: [Skitter] for macroscopic topology. discovery and ...

Miscellaneous (5)

 [PS] The multiscale nature of network trac: Discovery, analysis and modelling
P Abry, R Baraniuk, P Flandrin, R Riedi, D Veitch
... The Skitter program, a CAIDA (Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis ... vary greatly, and the topology is highly convoluted. ...
IEEE Signal Processing Mag, 2002 - -

... fornire queste informazioni. Algoritmi “topology-aware”. ... Esempi di sistemi di questo
tipo sono Mercator [10] e Skitter [11], descritti. più avanti.

 [PS]  Theoretische Grundlagen des Internets
EW Mayr, A Steger, S Kosub
Page 1. Ernst W. Mayr Angelika Steger Sven Kosub (Hrsg.). Theoretische Grundlagen.
des Internets. Hauptseminar. Lehrstuhl f ur Eziente Algorithmen. ... - -

 [PDF] Diagnostico e Alternativas
JAS Monteiro, L Sampaio, M Figueredo
Page 1. GT-QoS/RNP2 Qualidade de Serviço: Diagnóstico e Alternativas. Versão
Preliminar. Qualidade de Serviço: Diagnóstico e Alternativas. ...

 [PDF] per misurare le prestazioni di reti IP
L Relatori
... realizzate tra- mite link assimmetrici che fanno dipendere le metriche dalla direzione
di misura o tramite link multipli gestiti da un routing dinamico che fa ...

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- Lisa hand-filtered this list to exclude hits with CAIDA authors/CAIDA pages
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