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skitter - Non-CAIDA publications based on skitter data

This page lists publications by non-CAIDA researchers using skitter data. We compiled this list in November 2004. If you have a publication based on the analysis of skitter data that is not included here, please email and we will be happy to update our list.

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Publications based on skitter data

Indexed by Topic (# of entries); 40 entries total

Topology (10)

[PDF] Analyzing and modelling the AS-level Internet topology
S Zhou, RJ Mondragon
... and Communication, 2001. [18] Skitter, CAIDA’s topology measurement tool, [19] Y. Hyun ...
Proc. of HET-NETs’ 03,(arXive: cs. NI/0303030), 2003 - - -

 [PDF] Accurately modeling the Internettopology
S Zhou, RJ Mondragon -
... into the basic mechanisms that could be responsible for the evolving topology of
complex ... in this research was collected as part of CAIDA’s Skitter initiative ...
Arxiv preprint cs.NI/0402011, 2004 - - -
Model Validation

[PDF] Redundancy and Robustness of the AS-level Internettopologyand its models
S Zhou, RJ Mondragon
...topology,” Proc. of HET-NETs’03, (arXive:cs.NI/0303030), 2003. [4] The ITDK0204
data used in this research was collected as part of CAIDA’s Skitter...
Arxiv preprint cs.NI/0402026, 2004 - - - -

[PDF] Sampling biases in IP topology measurements
A Lakhina, J Byers, M Crovella, P Xie
Page 1. Sampling Biases in IP Topology Measurements. ... This experimental setup aims
to model the prevalent methodology employed to discover the Internet topology. ...
IEEE INFOCOM, 2003 - - - -
Comparison of topologies

[PDF] On the Emergence of Highly Variable Distributions in the Autonomous SystemTopology
M Fayed, P Krapivsky, JW Byers, M Crovella, D …
... maps produced by mapping routers from the Mercator [16] and Skitter [29] datasets ...
We conclude that, for topology generation, it is not necessary to incorporate ...
ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, 2003 - - -
Model Validation

M Fayed, P Krapivsky, J Byers, M Crovella, D …
... solutions to empirical AS size distribution taken from Mercator and Skitter datasets,
and ... This abstraction provides an attractive target for Internet topology. ...
Technical Report BUCS-TR-2003-001, Boston University, … - - -
compare model of AS growth with data

[PDF] On the marginal utility of network topology measurements
P Barford, A Bestavros, J Byers, M Crovella
... dataset for this study was collected (May 2000), the Skitter infrastructure consisted ...
random graphs) with idealized routing algorithms (such as use of shortest ...
ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Workshop, 2001 - - - -

[PDF] An Analysis on the InternetTopology
J Leguay
... To achieve this study, we used the data from the Skitter network measurement platform ...
of route collection and also a mean to get a realistic topology of the ...

[PDF] Describing and Simulating Internet Routes
J Leguay, M Latapy, T Friedman, K Salamatian
... The work in this paper is based upon a study of over seven million route traces produced
by CAIDA's skitter infrastructure. ...
Arxiv preprint cs.NI/0411051 v1 16, 2004 -

[PDF] Efficient Algorithms for Large ScaleTopologyDiscoveries
B Donnet, P Raoult, T Friedman, M Crovella
... There is a growing interest in discovery of internet topology... we show that standard
topology discovery methods (e.g., skitter) are quite inefficient...
Arxiv preprint cs.NI/0411013 v1 7, 2004 -

Routing (5)

[PDF] User-level Internet Path Diagnosis
R Mahajan, N Spring, D Wetherall, T Anderson
Page 1. User-level Internet Path Diagnosis. Ratul Mahajan Neil Spring David
Wetherall Thomas Anderson. University of Washington. ABSTRACT ...
SOSP’03 - - - -
5000 IP addresses from our list

[PDF] Understanding BGP misconfiguration
R Mahajan, D Wetherall, T Anderson
... Over a three week period, we analyzed routing table advertisements from 23 vantage
points across the Internet backbone to detect incidents of misconfiguration. ...
Proc. ACM SIGCOMM - - - -

[PDF] On Properties of Internet Exchange Points and Their Impact on ASTopologyand Relationship
K Xu, Z Duan, ZL Zhang, J Chandrashekar
... This paper ex- plores the properties of IXPs and their impact on the AS topology
and AS business relations using Scriptroute and Skitter traceroute probes, BGP ... -

... Further, we developed a script to convert Skitter trace data into graphs showing
the topology of the network between a given source and destination. ...
UCSD, study of path diversity

[PDF] The impact of DHT routing geometry on resilience and proximity
K Gummadi, R Gummadi, S Gribble, S Ratnasamy, S …
... We discuss this issue in Section 3. Another crucial question is how well DHTs can
adapt to the underlying Internet topology. Much research has been. 381. Page 2 ...
Proc. ACM SIGCOMM, 2003 - - - -

Distance in the Internet (7)

[PDF]Geometric Exploration of the Landmark Selection Problem
L Tang, M Crovella
... While network structure is usually throught of as a property of topology, we take
a novel approach that leverages the notion of internet coordinates ...Skitter. ... - - -

[PDF]Virtual landmarks for the Internet
L Tang, M Crovella
... 3.4 Skitter The Skitter project [21] is a large-scale effort to continuously
monitor routing and connectivity across the Internet. ...
Proc. Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) - - - -

[PDF]On the Geographic Location of Internet Resources
A Lakhina, JW Byers, M Crove lla, I Matta
... Our first topology dataset is a large collection of ICMP forward path (traceroute)
probes. This data was collected by Skitter, a measurement tool run on more ...
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 2003 - - - -

[PS] Connectivity in the South American Internet
F Junqueira, R Teixeira
... demands based on ow-level measurements on ingress links [6]. Finally, some research
eorts focus on observing topology characteristics. ...skitter box maintained. ... -

[PDF] Location-Based Resource Co-Allocation
D Spence, T Harris
Page 1. Location-Based Resource Co-Allocation. David Spence and Tim Harris. University
of Cambridge Computer Laboratory firstname.lastname Abstract ...

[PDF] Effective Peering for Multi-provider Content Delivery Services
L Amini, A Shaikh, H Schulzrinne
Page 1. Effective Peering for Multi-provider. Content Delivery Services.
Lisa Amini a,b , Anees Shaikh a , Henning Schulzrinne b a ...
Proceedings of IEEE Infocom, 2004 - - - -

[PDF] Client Clustering for Traffic and Location Estimation
L Amini, H Schu lzrinne
... 24 cluster. The average. a) AMP (I1) sites b) Skitter (D1) collection sites
Figure 2: Collection sites for I1, D1 data. a) The I1 ...
24th International Conference on Distributed Computing … - - -

Internet measurements (3)

[PDF] Reverse Engineering the Internet
N Spring, D Wetherall, T Anderson
...Skitter [9] peri- odically collects the topology between IP addresses. ... database:
0. Topology (IP) Skitter [9] Traceroute to all destinations. 2 × S × A. ...
ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, 2004 - - - - 
Planning future research

[PDF] Measuring ISP topologies with Rocketfuel
N Spring, R Mahajan, D Wetherall, T Anderson
...Topology influences the dy- namics of routing protocols [3], [11], the scalability
of multicast ... and links in our area of focus than a recent Skitter [7] dataset ...
ACM SIGCOMM, 2002 - - - -
compare skitter with their tool

[PDF] Toward Representative Internet Measurements
A Akella, S Seshan, A Shaikh
... nodes. Skitter [7]: The Skitter project is a CAIDA project that aims to map
Internet paths and uncover topology changes. The testbed ... - - -
evaluate & compare with other testbeds

Security (11)

[PDF] StackPi: A New Defense Mechanism against IP Spoofing and DDoS Attacks
... and Cheswick’s Internet Mapping Project [4, 16] and from the Skitter Project distributed ...
number of paths are selected, at random, from the topology file and ... - - -

[PDF] Pi: A Path Identification Mechanism to Defend against DDoS Attacks
... We chose n = 1 and n = 2 based on the Skitter [6] and Internet Map [14, 4] data
sets. It is possible that the real Internet topology may be substantially ... - - -

[PDF] A Study on Marking Bit Size for Path Identification Method: Deploying the Pi Filter at the End Host
A Lagana…
... In our experiments, we use the Internet topology: CAIDA’s Skitter Map [2]. This
topology was created by using a single host send traceroutes to the other ...
Ajou Univ., Korea – defense against DDoS

[PDF] Effective Packet Marking Approach to Defend against DDoS Attack
H Lim, M Hong
... We used real Internet topology that is CAIDA's Skitter MAP[3]. This data were created
by one host that sends traceroute information to randomly chosen ...
Ajou Univ., Korea – defense against DDoS

[PDF] An Implementation and Verification of a Hierarchical Architecture for IP Traceback
M Oe, Y Kadobayashi
... in 500 physical nodes (5000 virtual nodes) on StarBED [18],which isanInternetsimulator.
In this test, the AS topology map based on Skitter will be constructed ...
NARA Institute, Japan

[PDF] An implementation of a hierarchical IP traceback architecture
... 3. Thus, the ITM network topology is the same as the AS the network topology. ... core
AS groups that CAIDA selects from the operation result of Skitter[9]. The ...
Proceedings of the 2003 Symposium on Applications and the …, 2003 - -

[PDF] Large-Scale IP Traceback in High-Speed Internet: Practical Techniques and Theoretical Foundation
J Li, M Sung, J Xu, L Li, L Technologies, Q Zhao
... Simulation results based on real-world network topologies (eg Skitter) matches very ...
it requires the knowledge of the router-level Internet topology, which may ...
Security and Privacy, 2004. Proceedings. 2004 IEEE Symposium … - - -
DDoS defense

[PDF] IP Traceback-based Intelligent Packet Filtering: A Novel Technique for Defending Against Internet …
M Sung, J Xu
... results based on real-world net- work topologies (eg, Skitter) all demonstrate that
the ... on parameters such as the number of attackers and the network topology. ...
Proceedings of of IEEE ICNP’2002 - - - -

[PDF] An Empirical Analysis of Target-Resident DoS Filters
M Collins, MK Reiter
... over the 26 network maps corresponding to the 26 Skitter sensors (260 ... a 10% false
negative rate, even without detailed knowledge of the network topology. ...
Security and Privacy, 2004. Proceedings. 2004 IEEE Symposium … - -
map to test filtering techniques

[PDF] Internet Intrusions: Global Characteristics and Prevalence
V Yegneswaran, P Barford, J Ullrich
... Figure 1 is a Skitter-based AS level graph that shows the global distribution
of the providers that submit to DSHIELD. A Skitter...
ACM SIGMETRICS, 2003 - - - -
AS-core graph

[PDF] Robustness Pefiomance of the Internet Connectivity Under Targeted Attacks
D Magoni
... the IP giant component (a 52505-node map created from the Skitter data) under ... INTERNET
MAP Studying Internet robustness involves knowing the Internet topology. ...
Communication Technology Proceedings, 2003. ICCT 2003. …, 2003 - -

Multicast (3)

[PDF] MULTI+: BuildingTopology-Aware Overlay Multicast Trees
L Garces-Erice, EW Biersack, PA Felber
... Research Report RR-04-107. MULTI+: Building Topology-Aware Overlay Multicast Trees.
April 2004. ... Page 3. MULTI+: Building Topology-Aware Overlay Multicast Trees. ... -
skitter coordinate space

[PDF] Small-World Characteristics of the Internet and Multicast Scaling
S Jin, A Bestavros
... compared degree-based topology generators such as Inet and structural topology
generators such ... were obtained from [8]. They were measured using the Skitter tool ...
Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Computer …, 2003 - - - -
model of topology

... 62. 4.4 Small-world Internet Topology Generation . . . . . ... 56. 4.2
Subgraphs recorded by 13 skitter monitors. . . . . ... -

Education (1)

[PDF] … to Graduate Studies in Computing Project 1: Experiment and Learn to Discover NetworkTopology
C Gkantsidis
... Another tool used is Skitter, which was developed by CAIDA ([12] and [16 ... number of
commercial products, which have implemented algorithms for topology discovery ... -
graduate course

- The initial list was obtained by searching for"skitter topology" and "skitter routing", November 2004.
- Lisa hand-filtered this list to exclude hits with CAIDA authors/CAIDA pages
- Marina separated the original list into 2 lists: skitter usage (this file) & skitter references

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