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Workshops Archive
Information on past CAIDA workshops are archived here on this page. For a list of the more recent CAIDA workshops, see the main workshops page.
Workshop NameDate(s)Abbreviation
WIE 2013: 4th Workshop on Internet Economics: Economic health of the Internet ecosystemDecember 12-13, 2013WIE
4th NDN RetreatNovember 12-13, 2013NDN
DANCES: UCSD Complex Network Seminar - Different Angles on Network Complexity, Engineering, and ScienceOct 2010 - Oct 2013DANCES
NetGeo: Network Geometry WorkshopJuly 29 - Aug 2, 2013NetGeo
CREDS: Cyber-security Research Ethics Dialog & Strategy WorkshopMay 23, 2013CREDS
AIMS-5: ISMA - 5th Workshop on Active Internet MeasurementsFebruary 6-8, 2013ISMA / AIMS
WIE 2012: 3rd Workshop on Internet Economics: Definitions and DataDecember 12-13, 2012WIE
ISC/CAIDA Data Collaboration WorkshopOctober 22, 2012ISC/CAIDA
3rd NDN RetreatOctober 11-12, 2012NDN
5th CAIDA-WIDE-CASFI WorkshopAugust 1-2, 2012CAIDA-WIDE-CASFI
DUST: 1st International Workshop on Darkspace and UnSolicited Traffic AnalysisMay 14-15, 2012DUST
AIMS-4: ISMA - 4th Workshop on Active Internet MeasurementsFebruary 9-11, 2012ISMA / AIMS
4th CAIDA-WIDE-CASFI WorkshopDecember 5, 2011CAIDA-WIDE-CASFI
WIE: 2nd Workshop on Internet EconomicsDecember 1-2, 2011WIE
CAIDA Workshop on BGP and Traceroute dataAug 22, 2011CAIDA
CAIDA Workshop on Network TelescopesMar 22, 2011CAIDA
AIMS-3: ISMA - 3rd Workshop on Active Internet MeasurementsFebruary 9-11, 2011ISMA / AIMS
CAIDA/UCY Workshop on Network GeometryJanuary 11-13, 2011CAIDA/UCY
3rd CAIDA-WIDE-CASFI WorkshopApril 24-25, 2010CAIDA-WIDE-CASFI
AIMS-2: ISMA - 2nd Workshop on Active Internet MeasurementsFebruary 8-10, 2010ISMA / AIMS
WIE: 1st Workshop on Internet EconomicsSeptember 23, 2009WIE
2nd CAIDA-WIDE-CASFI WorkshopApril 4-5, 2009CAIDA-WIDE-CASFI
AIMS: ISMA - 1st Workshop on Active Internet MeasurementsFebruary 12-13, 2009ISMA / AIMS
1st CAIDA-WIDE-CASFI WorkshopAugust 15-16, 2008CAIDA-WIDE-CASFI
SFI Workshop of Networks and NavigationAugust 4-6, 2008SFI
9th CAIDA-WIDE WorkshopJanuary 19-20, 2008CAIDA-WIDE
3rd DNS-OARC WorkshopNovember 2-3, 2007DNS-OARC
2nd DatCat Community Contribution (DCC) WorkshopOctober 22-23, 2007DCC
8th CAIDA-WIDE WorkshopJuly 20-21, 2007CAIDA-WIDE
1st DatCat Community Contribution (DCC) WorkshopMarch 12-14, 2007DCC
1st COMMONS WorkshopDecember 12-13, 2006COMMONS
2nd DNS-OARC WorkshopNovember 16-17, 2006DNS-OARC
7th CAIDA-WIDE WorkshopNovember 3-4, 2006CAIDA-WIDE
ISMA - Workshop on the Internet Topology (WIT)May 10-12, 2006ISMA / WIT
6th CAIDA-WIDE WorkshopMarch 17-18, 2006CAIDA-WIDE
1st DNS-OARC workshop July 25-26, 2005DNS-OARC
Workshop on Community Oriented Network Measurement Infrastructure (CONMI) March 30, 2005CONMI
5th CAIDA-WIDE WorkshopMarch 11-12, 2005CAIDA-WIDE
4th CAIDA-WIDE WorkshopAugust 6-7, 2004CAIDA-WIDE
ISMA - Data CatalogJune 3, 2004ISMA
3rd CAIDA-WIDE WorkshopApril 22-23, 2004CAIDA-WIDE
ISMA - Program Development February 11-12, 2004ISMA
ISMA - Bandwidth Estimation Workshop (BEst)December 9-10, 2003ISMA / BEst
2nd CAIDA-WIDE WorkshopNovember 7, 2003CAIDA-WIDE
1st CAIDA-WIDE WorkshopMarch 21, 2003CAIDA-WIDE
ISMA - MultiresolutionOctober 7-11, 2002ISMA
IEC - Internet Engineering Curriculum Networking WorkshopJune 26-30, 2000IEC
IEC - Monitoring and Managing Networks: cflowd and RRDtoolSeptember 29-30, 1999IEC
IEC - Internet Engineering Curriculum Networking WorkshopAugust 11-13, 1999IEC
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