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ISMA - Internet Statistics and Metrics Analysis Workshops
ISMA workshops are held to discuss the current and future state of Internet measurement and analysis. The intent of the workshops are to facilitate discussion among communities of academia, equipment vendors, and service providers, who share an interest in and incentive to understand one another's interests and concerns with Internet statistics and analysis.

In 2014, the AIMS workshop series (Workshop on Active Internet Measurements) evolved from ISMA to become its own workshop series.

ISMA Workshops

  • 2014-onward: AIMS workshop series
    The ISMA AIMS series continues on as AIMS Workshop series
  • Feb 2013
    AIMS-5: Workshop on Active Internet Measurements
  • Feb 2012
    AIMS-4: Workshop on Active Internet Measurements
  • Feb 2011
    AIMS-3: Workshop on Active Internet Measurements
  • Feb 2010
    AIMS-2: Workshop on Active Internet Measurements
  • Feb 2009
    AIMS: Workshop on Active Internet Measurements
  • May 2006
    WIT: Workshop on the Internet Topology
  • Jun 2004
    Internet Measurement Data Catalog Workshop
  • Feb 2004
    Program Development Workshop: Large-scale Datasets for Network Security Testing and Evaluation
  • Dec 2003
    Issues in Bandwidth Estimation
  • Oct 2002
    Multiresolution and correlation analysis of global Internet measurements
  • Dec 2001
    Routing Data and Analysis
  • Dec 2000
    Routing and Topology Data Sets: Correlation and Visualization
  • Apr 1999
    Visualization of Internet Data
  • Jan 1999
    Passive Measurement Data and Analysis
  • Aug 1998
    Engineering and Data Analysis
  • May 1997
  • Feb 1996
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