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ISP_AEROnet LINK_ARC, CA_Amtec, WA_1.5 LINK_ARC, CA_Boeing, WA_1.5 LINK_ARC, CA_JPL, CA_3 LINK_ARC, CA_LeRC, OH_45 LINK_ARC, CA_LaRC, VA_45 LINK_ARC, CA_Rose Engineering, CA_56 LINK_JPL, CA_JSC, TX_1.5 LINK_JSC, TX_MSFC, AL_2.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_McDonnell Douglas, MO_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_Pratt-Whitney, FL_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_Lockheed Inc., GA_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_LaRC, VA_3 LINK_LeRC, OH_Allison Gas Turbine, IN_1.5 LINK_LeRC, OH_WPAFB, OH_1.5 LINK_LeRC, OH_United Technologies, VT_1.5 LINK_LeRC, OH_General Dynamics, MA_1.5 LINK_LeRC, OH_CRAFTech Development Ctr, NY_1.5 LINK_LeRC, OH_General Electric, OH_1.5 LINK_LeRC, OH_ASE Technologies, OH_1.5 LINK_LaRC, VA_Naval Air, PA_1.5 LINK_LaRC, VA_David Taylor Res. Ctr., MD_1.5 LINK_LaRC, VA_Naval Surface Warfare Cntr., MD_1.5 LINK_LaRC, VA_Naval Res. Labs, VA_1.5 END_AEROnet ISP_CAIRN LINK_UCB, CA_LBL, CA_45 LINK_LBL, CA_AMES, CA_1.5 LINK_LBL, CA_PARC, CA_45 LINK_LBL, CA_NETSTAR, CA_45 LINK_LBL, CA_ISI, CA_45 LINK_AMES, CA_SRI, CA_1.5 LINK_AMES, CA_SUN, CA_1.5 LINK_AMES, CA_PARC, CA_1.5 LINK_AMES, CA_Los Angeles, CA_1.5 LINK_SRI, CA_UCSC, CA_1.5 LINK_SRI, CA_TIOC, KS_45 LINK_PARC, CA_MIT, MA_1.5 LINK_TIOC, KS_ISI, CA_45 LINK_NETSTAR, CA_ISI, CA_45 LINK_ISI, CA_Los Angeles, CA_1.5 LINK_ISI, CA_UCLA, CA_45 LINK_SDSC, CA_ISIE, DC_45 LINK_ISIE, DC_MCI-R, VA_45 LINK_ISIE, DC_NASA, DC_45 LINK_ISIE, DC_DARPA, VA_45 LINK_ISIE, DC_CMU, PA_1.5 LINK_DARPA, VA_NRL-Vsix, DC_45 LINK_DARPA, VA_Washington, DC_45 LINK_Washington, DC_UDEL, DE_45 LINK_Washington, DC_Los Angeles, CA_45 LINK_Washington, DC_Bell, NJ_45 LINK_Washington, DC_BBN, MA_45 END_CAIRN ISP_VBNS LINK_Pac Bell-NAP, CA_HAY, CA_118 LINK_HAY, CA_SCM, CA_155 LINK_SCM, CA_RTO, CA_622 LINK_SCM, CA_DNJ, CO_622 LINK_RTO, CA_HSJ, TX_622 LINK_RTO, CA_SDSC, CA_155 LINK_HSJ, TX_DNG, IL_622 LINK_HSJ, TX_AST, GA_622 LINK_AST, GA_PYM, MD_622 LINK_NCAR, CO_DNJ, CO_155 LINK_DNJ, CO_DNG, IL_622 LINK_DNG, IL_NOR, OH_622 LINK_DNG, IL_Ameritech-NAP, IL_155 LINK_DNG, IL_NCSA, IL_155 LINK_NOR, OH_WOR, NY_622 LINK_NOR, OH_PYM, MD_622 LINK_NOR, OH_PSC, PA_155 LINK_NOR, OH_CTC, NY_155 LINK_WOR, NY_PYM, MD_622 LINK_PYM, MD_MFS-NAP, DC_155 END_VBNS ISP_AAI LINK_Chicago, IL_Sacramento, CA_155 LINK_Chicago, IL_Atlanta, GA_155 LINK_Chicago, IL_WPAFB, OH_155 LINK_Chicago, IL_Washington, DC_155 LINK_Sacramento, CA_Atlanta, GA_155 LINK_Sacramento, CA_Los Angeles, CA_155 LINK_Los Angeles, CA_NCCOSC, CA_155 LINK_Los Angeles, CA_Phillips Lab-Kirtland, NM_155 LINK_Los Angeles, CA_Atlanta, GA_155 LINK_CEWES, MS_Atlanta, GA_155 LINK_Atlanta, GA_Washington, DC_155 LINK_NRL, DC_Washington, DC_155 LINK_ARL-APG, MD_Washington, DC_155 END_AAI ISP_ESnet LINK_PNNL, WA_LBNL, CA_45 LINK_LBNL, CA_SLAC, CA_1.5 LINK_LBNL, CA_OAK POP, CA_155 LINK_LBNL, CA_TWC, CA_23.25 LINK_TWC, CA_LLNL, CA_23.25 LINK_LLNL, CA_OAK POP, CA_155 LINK_LLNL, CA_SNLL, CA_155 LINK_LLNL, CA_INDEL, ID_1.5 LINK_LLNL, CA_GA, CA_1.5 LINK_FIX-West, CA_Tokyo, Japan_23.25 LINK_Tokyo, Japan_Shanghai, China_1.5 LINK_SLAC, CA_CIT, CA_1.5 LINK_SLAC, CA_OAK POP, CA_45 LINK_CIT, CA_UCLA, CA_23.25 LINK_UCLA, CA_GA, CA_23.25 LINK_GA, CA_ITER, CA_45 LINK_GA, CA_SNLA, NM_1.5 LINK_ALB POP, NM_LANL, NM_155 LINK_ALB POP, NM_SNLA, NM_155 LINK_SNLA, NM_Allied Signal, NM_1.5 LINK_SNLA, NM_UTA, TX_1.5 LINK_UTA, TX_FSU, FL_1.5 LINK_FSU, FL_ORNL, TN_1.5 LINK_ORNL, TN_ARM, OK_1.5 LINK_ORNL, TN_OSTI, TN_1.5 LINK_ORNL, TN_ORAU, TN_1.5 LINK_ORNL, TN_ORO, TN_1.5 LINK_ORNL, TN_ANL, IL_1.5 LINK_ORNL, TN_JLAB, VA_1.5 LINK_ORNL, TN_SRS, SC_1.5 LINK_AMES, IA_ANL, IL_1.5 LINK_CHI POP, IL_FNAL, IL_155 LINK_CHI POP, IL_ANL, IL_155 LINK_FNAL, IL_Sao Paulo, Brazil_1.5 LINK_FNAL, IL_ANL, IL_1.5 LINK_OER, DC_LBNL-DC, DC_1.5 LINK_OER, DC_LLNL-DC, DC_1.5 LINK_OER, DC_JLAB, VA_1.5 LINK_OER, DC_SPRINT POP, VA_45 LINK_SPRINT POP, VA_MCI POP, VA_45 LINK_SPRINT POP, VA_JLAB, VA_45 LINK_SPRINT POP, VA_MAE-East, VA_23.25 LINK_MCI POP, VA_Berlin, Germany_155 LINK_PPPL, NJ_Moscow, Russia_1.5 LINK_PPPL, NJ_Rome, Italy_1.5 LINK_PPPL, NJ_BNL, NY_1.5 LINK_PPPL, NJ_GRM, NJ_1.5 LINK_BNL, NY_YALE, CT_1.5 LINK_BNL, NY_NYU, NY_1.5 LINK_BNL, NY_COLUMBIA, NY_1.5 LINK_BNL, NY_NEVIS, NY_1.5 LINK_BNL, NY_MIT, MA_1.5 END_ESnet ISP_MAGIC Network LINK_Fort Irwin, CA_Kansas City, MO_1000 LINK_Kansas City, MO_Lawrence, KS_1000 LINK_Kansas City, MO_Fort Leavenworth, KS_1000 LINK_Fort Leavenworth, KS_Sioux Falls, SD_1000 LINK_Sioux Falls, SD_Minneapolis, MN_1000 END_MAGIC Network ISP_NASA Internet LINK_UA, AK_ARC, CA_45 LINK_ARC, CA_Stanford, CA_1.5 LINK_ARC, CA_FIX-West, CA_1.5 LINK_ARC, CA_OR, Oregon_1.5 LINK_ARC, CA_UO, OR_1.5 LINK_ARC, CA_UM, MT_1.5 LINK_ARC, CA_Tokyo, Japan_1.5 LINK_ARC, CA_Wellington, New Zealand_1.5 LINK_ARC, CA_Hong Kong, China_1.5 LINK_ARC, CA_Seoul, Korea_1.5 LINK_ARC, CA_Sydney, Australia_1.5 LINK_ARC, CA_UH, HI_45 LINK_ARC, CA_DFRF, CA_45 LINK_ARC, CA_JPL, CA_45 LINK_ARC, CA_GSFC, DC_45 LINK_JPL, CA_OVRO, CA_1.5 LINK_JPL, CA_USGS Flagstaff, AZ_1.5 LINK_JPL, CA_BBSO, CA_1.5 LINK_JPL, CA_NSBF, TX_1.5 LINK_JPL, CA_JRL Barstow, CA_1.5 LINK_JPL, CA_ASU, AZ_1.5 LINK_JPL, CA_UCSD, CA_1.5 LINK_JPL, CA_UCLA, CA_1.5 LINK_JPL, CA_NCAR, CO_45 LINK_JPL, CA_GSFC, DC_45 LINK_JPL, CA_JSC, TX_45 LINK_JPL, CA_UA, AZ_45 LINK_NCAR, CO_NIST/NOAA, CO_1.5 LINK_JSC, TX_WSMR, NM_1.5 LINK_JSC, TX_NMHU, NM_1.5 LINK_JSC, TX_NSBF, TX_1.5 LINK_JSC, TX_LPI, TX_1.5 LINK_JSC, TX_UT Austin, TX_1.5 LINK_JSC, TX_MSFC, AL_45 LINK_MSFC, AL_USRA, AL_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_UAH, AL_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_LSU, LA_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_Harding U, AR_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_UK, KS_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_Emporia S, KS_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_UI, IA_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_UM, MN_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_Augsburg College, MN_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_U Wisconsin, WI_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_U Michigan, MI_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_Centre College, KY_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_Fisk U, TN_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_UTSI, TN_1.5 LINK_MSFC, AL_GSFC, DC_45 LINK_MSFC, AL_KSC, FL_45 LINK_MSFC, AL_Arecibo, Puerto Rico_45 LINK_MSFC, AL_CTIO, Chile_45 LINK_KSC, FL_US Florida, FL_1.5 LINK_KSC, FL_U Miami, FL_1.5 LINK_KSC, FL_USNO Richmond, FL_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_Valparaiso U, IN_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_York U, Canada_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_ISTS, Canada_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_NRC, Canada_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_Niagra U, NY_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_Cornell, NY_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_Penn S, PA_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_Dartmouth, NH_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_Bigelow Lab, ME_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_U New Hampshire, NH_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_WHOI, MA_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_MIT, MA_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_U Rhode Island, RI_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_Hughes/Danbury, CT_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_GISS, NY_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_Wallops FF, VA_1.5 LINK_GSFC, DC_SAO, MA_45 LINK_GSFC, DC_London, England_45 LINK_GSFC, DC_ESA, Germany_45 LINK_GSFC, DC_Madrid, Spain_45 LINK_GSFC, DC_Nuuk, Greenland_45 LINK_GSFC, DC_FIX-East, DC_45 LINK_GSFC, DC_LeRC, OH_45 LINK_GSFC, DC_U Miami, FL_45

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