Joining CAIDA

One of the ways to support CAIDA's efforts is by joining CAIDA as an affiliate, member, or sponsor. If your organization has experience, technology, or skill to offer CAIDA, please contact us. We welcome suggestions for funded projects or other financial assistance as well.


CAIDA participants have access to beta versions of tools and analysis efforts, and may interact with CAIDA and other members at periodically scheduled conferences and meetings.

To see details of the benefits of joining CAIDA, see the CAIDA Sponsorship Information page.

Sponsorship levels

Depending on participation level, participants may directly support or collaborate in the development of new CAIDA tools or initiatives. When organizations are participating in CAIDA measurement/traffic analyses, their data will be protected subject to the provisions of the Proprietary Data Agreement.

The three sponsorship levels are detailed on the CAIDA Sponsorship Information page.

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