Telescope data Supplement Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA)

The Telescope data Supplement AUA is a supplement to the CAIDA Acceptable Use Agreement for Publicly Accessible Datasets (Public-AUA) and applies to publicly accessible CAIDA telescope datasets. Other datasets are accessible under the CAIDA Master Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA).


You agree that you will not copy from CAIDA servers or otherwise transfer, distribute, or disclose raw NRTT data or any derived data with identifying or sensitive information. You may transfer and use, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the AUA, derivative information obtained from the raw NRTT data only if you ensure that the raw data (including the address of the telescope network) is de-identified or anonymized.

You are not permitted to attempt to connect to, probe, or in any other way initiate contact with a machine or machine administrator identified or identifiable, via IP address or otherwise, within the dataset(s), without written authorization from CAIDA management at .

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