CAIDA Computer Facilities Usage Agreement

The purpose of this document is to specify a set of guidelines for acceptable use of machines at the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA). CAIDA senior staff have the authority to disable logins immediately for failure to comply with this agreement. These rules apply to any system managed by CAIDA staff. Please, complete and submit the form below to begin the process for receiving access to use CAIDA facilities and resources. If you have any questions or problems using this form, please contact

This form is for new CAIDA employees, trusted collaborators, and lab visitors only. For access to CAIDA datasets, see the CAIDA Resource Catalog for an updated list of available datasets.

1) All usage of these facilities must be consistent with the purpose for which the account was originally requested and provided. Occasional personal use is allowed within reasonable limits. Expressly prohibited are any uses in conflict with CAIDA projects. Ask your CAIDA supervisor or point-of-contact if you have questions about the appropriate use of CAIDA machines.

2) All computer accounts (logins) are for the use of a single individual, the person for whom the account was approved. Sharing or loaning accounts is strictly prohibited. Specifically, giving your password to anyone for any reason IS NOT appropriate, logging in and letting your guest use your account IS appropriate as long as you supervise your guest's use of your account.

3) Use of these facilities to gain unauthorized access to any other account, at this facility or any other facility, is prohibited.

4) As an employee of UC San Diego, you signed an Amendment to Patent Acknowledgment/Agreement that reads: "I acknowledge my obligation to assign, and do hereby assign, inventions and patents that I conceive or develop 1) within the course and scope of my University employment while employed by University, 2) during the course of my utilization of any University research facilities, or 3) through any connection with my use of gift, grant, or contract research funds received through the University. I further acknowledge my obligation to promptly report and fully disclose the conception and/or reduction to practice of potentially patentable inventions to the University authorized licensing office. Such inventions shall be examined by University to determine rights and equities therein in accordance with the Policy. I shall promptly furnish University with complete information with respect to each."

To fulfill this obligation, CAIDA requires that at least two versions of all the source files (programming source, LaTeX, images, and data) required to reproduce any publication released to a third party that includes you as author/coauthor during your tenure at CAIDA get checked in to SVN (or other UCSD-owned version control system) (svn+ssh://<publication>/): one version at the time of submission and a second when you submit the final camera-ready version.

5) These facilities may only be used for lawful purposes. Transmission of any material in violation of any U.S. or state regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material (unless authorized by the copyright holder), threatening or obscene material, or material protected by trade secret.

6) CAIDA machines are part of a collaborative research environment, and so all files are considered shared by default. You should set file permissions to be more restrictive on any files that contain information you want to keep private (e.g. your mail). It is expected that the number of files of this nature stored on CAIDA machines will be kept to a minimum.

7) CAIDA is responsible for restricting access to sensitive data such as raw trace data from backbone networks. Under no circumstances will you store this data in world-readable files or directories.

8) Use of other organizations' networks or computing resources must comply with the rules for that network. You agree to abide by the appropriate use policy of all networks affiliated with CAIDA, as applicable.

9) When appropriate, be considerate of other users: use `nice(1)` to lower the priority of large processes or use `at(1)` to schedule them to run at night or over the weekend, and conserve resources like paper and disk space.

10) If the propriety of any situation is unclear, ask for clarification from my CAIDA supervisor or point-of-contact before proceeding.

11) Your password must be changed at least once a year, or immediately if guessed by a password cracker or seen by another person (even if only partially). Be sure you never change your password across an unencrypted network connection. You must choose a password that is sufficiently difficult to guess, that is not based on a dictionary word, and that contains mixed case, numbers, and/or punctuation. You must use a different password on non-CAIDA machines (e.g. SDSC, UCSD, Google, etc). Many systems do not require the use of secure login mechanisms such as ssh, and consequently passwords may be intercepted during ordinary use. By using different passwords in separate domains, you prevent an intruder from gaining access to CAIDA machines even if they have already compromised other systems.

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