Check-In Form

This employee checkin form is for:
  • new hires
  • undergraduate REUs ("interns")
  • Collaborating visiting scholars, researchers, students, and volunteers who will be working at the physical offices of CAIDA at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (or given permission to work remotely offsite)

CAIDA collaborators who will be working remotely from other universities and institutions are not required to complete this check-in form. We collect this information separate from Human Resources (HR) intake for internal reporting and reporting to our funding agencies, as well as to keep consistent personnel records.

General Information
Undergraduate Student Information
Financial Aid / Scholarships and REUs

Undergraduates in the REU program get paid through the Financial Aid office as a scholarship. Existing Financial Aid and Scholarships may impact your eligibility to be paid as an REU, so be sure that you speak to your Financial Aid office about this.

Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*).
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