CAIDA Check-Out Form

This form is for CAIDA staff, students, and collaborators who are leaving CAIDA, primarily to update the records with the sysadmin and administration. Supervisors/sponsors can also fill this form out on behalf of their hosted collaborator/REU/student/volunteer.

Information about the employee checking out

In case we need to contact you in the future, please provide the following information.

Things to do before checkout

Please confirm these checkout steps have been completed:

1. I have 's HR Specialist (except REUs, who don't need to)

2. I have , if any, to Sandy Davey (Rm. 429) or my supervisor.

3. I have , if any.

Special exception

By default, CAIDA accounts will be deactivated after the employee's official end date.

Additional Comments
Required fields are indicated by an asterisk ( *).

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