Acceptable Use Policy for skitter Datasets

Skitter data is available for use by academic researchers and commercial users who are CAIDA members. In order to be granted access to skitter datasets, please fill in the Skitter Data Request Form.

You must also send a statement to saying you agree to the following terms:

  1. I will not use the skitter IP addresses as destinations of measurement probe traffic without first coordinating with CAIDA's measurement infrastructure
  2. Skitter data will not be distributed beyond authorized users.
  3. I will notify CAIDA of the names and email addresses of any students or other faculty assisting me in research using the skitter data.
  4. In so far as possible, privacy of end users (hosts) and networks monitored by skitter will be respected by the researchers. Any publications will anonymize IP addresses, network names, and domain names.
  5. At the end of the research, or semi-annually (which ever is less), a summary of the research and any findings/conclusions will be reported to CAIDA. If any research is described on the WWW, a URL will be provided
  6. Insofar as possible, research findings and conclusions using skitter data will be published and/or made publicly available. The following attribution will be included:
    "The data used in this research was collected as part of
    CAIDA's skitter initiative,
    Support for skitter is provided by DARPA, NSF, and
    CAIDA membership."
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