Network Research at UCSD

Network Research at UCSD

NLANR websiteNLANR: National Laboratory for Applied Network Research at SDSC at SDSC

The research activities of the NLANR Measurement and Network Analysis Group encompass measurement and analysis of HPC network performance through the Passive Measurement and Analysis (PMA) Project and the Active Measurement Project (AMP), which form the core of our Network Analysis Infrastructure (NAI). We make all data, that we reasonably can (raw data, graphs and visualizations), available on our Web site for use by outside network researchers, engineers, systems administrators, and students.

Funded by the National Science Foundation Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate, NLANR is a distributed organization with three parts: Applications/User Support, Engineering Services, and Measurement and Analysis.

Contact: Ronn Ritke, phone 858-822-3648


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