Network Research at UCSD

Network Research at UCSD

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The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department at UCSD supports a number of faculty who contribute to computer networking research.

  • Joe Pasquale - Leads a research group on network and operating system software design, emphasizing the support of large-scale network-integrated computing (Internet Computing), and distributed multimedia.
  • Stefan Savage - Focuses mainly on wide-area networking (esp. availability, security, and occasionally performance) and the design of distributed and adaptive computer systems.
  • George Varghese - Researches Internet systems, security, and Mobile Code. Varghese's group conducts research that aims to make the Internet into something as fast and reliable as other utilities such as electricity and telephones.
  • Geoff Voelker - Researches system services, communication networks, Web server systems.

The CSE department also conducts research projects related to computer networking.

  • Network Security and Cryptography - Addresses the question of how and to what extent is it possible to secure and control the flow of information on a network in the presence of attackers.
  • Systems - Researches communication networks and services focusing on issues related to supporting continuous media over high-speed networks.
  • CSE Colloquium Speakers - Hosts talks and presentations from invited speakers and distinguished lecturers from different institutions and backgrounds, presenting on a variety of topics.
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