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Hyperbolic Embedding of the Internet AS-Level Topology

Data derived from the external DIMES dataset is posted here as a reference for future analysis in hyperbolic embedding of the Internet AS-level topology.
Hyperbolic AS Embedding A view of hyperbolic embedding of the AS-Level topology based on peering by AS Degree.

Hyperbolic Embedding

Some of our topology research focused on how different routing approaches in nature are maximally efficient on certain types of peculiarly structured topologies, conveniently, those structured like the Internet AS graph.

Further, we found that self-similarity of clustering in real complex networks provides strong empirical evidence that some hidden metric spaces underlie these networks. In trying to model self-similar (scale-free) networks embedded into such a hidden space, we discover that a certain approach to routing - greedy routing - is phenomenally successful and efficient in such a model.

We are still exploring the ramifications of this intense discovery, and the even more intriguing breakthrough that this hidden space seems to be hyperbolic.

DIMES-derived data

Two data files are made available which contain information extracted from DIMES data in 2007.

  • dimes_as_topology.txt
    This file contains the AS links extracted from the DIMES data. The file format is:
    AS1 AS2
    which lists the observed links between AS1 and AS2.
  • dimes_as_coordinates.txt
    This file contains the AS hyperbolic coordinates in the AS embedding. The file format is:
    AS r theta
    listing the hyperbolic radial and angular coordinates r and theta for each AS. The hyperbolic disc radius R in the embedding is 26.02.
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