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A. Broido, E. Nemeth, and k. claffy, "Spectroscopy of Private DNS Update Sources", in IEEE Workshop on Internet Applications (WIAPP), June 2003.

Spectroscopy of Private DNS Update Sources
Authors: A. Broido
E. Nemeth
k. claffy
Published: IEEE Workshop on Internet Applications (WIAPP), 2003
Entry Date: 2004-03-12
Abstract: We study attempts to dynamically update DNS records for private (RFC1918) addresses, by analyzing the frequency spectrum of updates observed at an authoritative nameserver for these addresses. We developed a binary autocorrelation algorithm and discovered that updates come in in nite series with periods of 60 or 75 minutes. We identify both periods as default settings of out-of-the-box Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP DNS software. Identifying this common property of end-user environments helps to understand users' behavior on the Internet. To our knowledge this is the first study of the global impact of dynamic DNS.