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CAIDA, "Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis", Tech. rep., CAIDA, Oct 1996.

Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
Authors: CAIDA
Published: CAIDA, 1996
Entry Date: 2004-02-06

The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) will seek to promote greater industry cooperation in architecting and managing the Global Internet Infrastructure. It will address global engineering concerns that are highly dependent upon cross-ISP coordination, particularly those requiring measurement of Internet metrics. It will also address ISPs' emerging need for technical mechanisms to facilitate service guarantees and financial settlements between providers. Specifically, the CAIDA will endeavor to:

  1. identify, develop and deploy measurement tools across the Internet;
  2. work with commercial providers to provide them with a neutral, confidential vehicle for data shar ing and analysis;
  3. provide networking researchers and the general Internet community with current data on Internet t raffic flow patterns;
  4. assist in the introduction / deployment of emerging internet technologies such as multicast, IP v .6, web caching, bandwidth reservation protocols, etc.; and
  5. enhance communications between commercial Internet service providers and the broader Internet com munities.

The goal is to have both government and industry participate in CAIDA's creation. This proposal covers the initial three years, with most funds applied to associated research and development efforts. The rationale for government support (versus an industry-only effort) is to promote balance between the needs of the various communities (private, research, government, and users), and facilitate the near-term development and deployment of critical measurement technology and techniques.