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k. claffy, H.-W. Braun, and G. Polyzos, "Traffic characteristics of the T1 NSFNET backbone", in IEEE INFOCOM, Jan 1993.

Traffic characteristics of the T1 NSFNET backbone
Authors: k. claffy
H.-W. Braun
G. Polyzos
Published: IEEE INFOCOM, 1993
Entry Date: 2004-02-06

This paper presents the results of a measurement study of the T1 NSFNET backbone. We first discuss the measurement environment and approach to data collection. We then present measurements results for: long-term growth in traffic volume, including attribution to domains and protocols; trend in average packet size on the network, both over long and medium term intervals; most popular sources, destinations, and site pairs; traffic locality; international distribution of traffic; mean utilization statistics, both of the overall backbone as well as of specific links of interest; and delay statistics.