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k. claffy and H.-W. Braun, "Post-NSFNET statistics collection", in International Networking Conference (INET) '95, Jun 1995.

Post-NSFNET statistics collection
Authors: k. claffy
H.-W. Braun
Published: International Networking Conference (INET), 1995
Entry Date: 2004-02-06

As the NSFNET backbone service migrates into a commercial environment, so will access to the only set of publicly available statistics for a large national U.S. backbone. The transition to the new NSFNET program, with commercially operated services providing both regional service as well as cross-service provider switching points, or Network Access Points (NAPs), will render statistics collection a much more difficult endeavor. In this paper we discuss issues and complexities of statistics collection at recently deployed global network access points such as the U.S. federal NAPs.