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P.T. Endo and D. Sadok, "Whois based geolocation: A strategy to geolocate Internet hosts", pp. 408-413, Apr 2010.

Whois based geolocation: A strategy to geolocate Internet hosts
Authors: P.T. Endo
D. Sadok
Published: Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA), 2010
Entry Date: 2013-09-10
Abstract: There are several strategies in the literature to geolocate Internet hosts, however the accuracy of their estimates is a common issue. Furthermore, accurate Internet host location remains a challenge due to incomplete domain registers. In this paper, we propose a classification for geolocation strategies and present the Whois Based Geolocation (WBG) approach, a strategy developed to geolocate Internet hosts given their IP address information. This new mechanism is based on different strategies combination and uses a heuristic to improve the results. An analysis that considers both accuracy and completeness is made showing the effectiveness of our tool.