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B. Huffaker, M. Fomenkov, D. Moore, E. Nemeth, and k. claffy, "Measurements of the Internet topology in the Asia-Pacific Region", in International Networking Conference (INET) '00, July 2000.

Measurements of the Internet topology in the Asia-Pacific Region
Authors: B. Huffaker
M. Fomenkov
D. Moore
E. Nemeth
k. claffy
Published: International Networking Conference (INET), 2000
Entry Date: 2004-02-02

CAIDA, the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis, has done a study of network connectivity in the Asia-Pacific region. The focus is on network latency and performance, autonomous system (AS) and country peering, and third party transit. Using ICMP packets from nine geographically diverse monitors we collect data that includes the forward IP path and the round-trip delay to about 2000 destinations (mostly web servers) in the Asia-Pacific region. From these IP paths and delay values we gather statistics about transit providers, peering, and the appropriateness of our metrics to measure the Internet.