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K. Luo, Y. Li, C. Ermopoulos, W. Yurcik, and A. Slagell, "Scrub-PA: A Multi-level, Multi-Dimensional Anonymization Tool for Process Accounting", Tech. rep., ACM Computing Research Repository (CoRR), jan 2006.

Scrub-PA: A Multi-level, Multi-Dimensional Anonymization Tool for Process Accounting
Authors: K. Luo
Y. Li
C. Ermopoulos
W. Yurcik
A. Slagell
Published: Tech Report, 2006
ENTRY DATE: 2008-06-16
ABSTRACT: In the UNIX/Linux environment the kernel can log every command process created by every user using process accounting. This data has many potential uses, including the investigation of security incidents. However, process accounting data is also sensitive since it contains private user information. Consequently, security system administrators have been hindered from sharing these logs. Given that many interesting security applications could use process accounting data, it would be useful to have a tool that could protect private user information in the logs. For this reason we introduce SCRUB-PA, a tool that uses multi-level multi-dimensional anonymization on process accounting log files in order to provide different levels of privacy protection. It is our goal that SCRUB-PA will promote the sharing of process accounting logs while preserving privacy.