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T. Monk and k. claffy, "A survey of Internet statistics / metrics activities", Tech. rep., CAIDA, Jun 1996.

A survey of Internet statistics / metrics activities
Authors: T. Monk
k. claffy
Published: CAIDA, 1996
Entry Date: 2004-02-06

In this paper, we present a survey of the current activities in Internet performance and workload measurement. The environment is dynamic enough that we can only provide an indicator of the growing activity and interest surrounding this important topic; we apologize for anyone omitted. Hopefully, through the hyperlinks and other references, readers will be able to followup directly with the various researchers and organizations who have (or plan) initiatives relating to the collection, analysis and/or presentation of Internet statistics.

We also outline in this paper a recommendation for the establishment of a `provider consortium' to facili tate cooperation. The National Laboratory for Applied Networking Research (NLANR) is working to develop a framework for such a collaboration, and believes that it could serve as an appropriate forum for...

  • facilitating the identification, development and deployment of measurement tools across the Int ernet;
  • providing commercial providers with a neutral, confidential vehicle for data sharing and analys is;
  • providing networking researchers and the general Internet community with additional realtime da ta on Internet traffic flow patterns; and
  • enhancing communications among commercial Internet service providers, exchange/peering point pr oviders and the broader Internet community.