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D. Moore, K. Keys, R. Koga, E. Lagache, and k. claffy, "CoralReef software suite as a tool for system and network administrators", in USENIX LISA, Dec 2001.

CoralReef software suite as a tool for system and network administrators
Authors: D. Moore
K. Keys
R. Koga
E. Lagache
k. claffy
Published: USENIX LISA, 2001
Entry Date: 2003-10-01
Abstract: Until now, system administrators have lacked a flexible real-time network traffic flow monitoring package. Such a package must provide a wide range of services but remain flexible enough for rapid in-house customizations. Existing passive data collection tools are typically narrow in scope, designed for specific tasks from packet capture (tcpdump) to accounting (NeTraMet). In response, CAIDA has created the CoralReef suite designed to provide network administrators and reserachers with a consistent interface for a wide range of network analysis applications, from raw capture to flows analysis to real-time report generation. CoralReef provides a convenient set of passive data tools for a diverse audience.

CoralReef is a package of device drivers, libraries, classes, and applications. We briefly outline the architecture and provide relevant case studies and examples of CoralReef's use as applied to real-world networking situations. We will show how CoralReef is a powerful, extensible, and convenient package for network monitoring and reporting.