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A. Moore, D. Zuev, and M. Crogan, "Discriminators for Use in Flow-based Classification", Tech. rep., Intel Research, Cambridge, 2005.

Discriminators for Use in Flow-based Classification
Authors: A. Moore
D. Zuev
M. Crogan
Published: Intel Research, Cambridge, 2005
Entry Dates: 2009-02-06
Abstract: Any assessment of classification techniques requires data. This document describes sets of data intended to aid in the assessment of classification work. A number of data sets are described; each data set consists a number of objects, and each object is described by a group of features (also referred to as discriminators). Leveraged by a quantity of hand-classified data, each object within each data set represents a single flow of TCP packets between client and server. The features for each object consist of the (application-centric) classification derived elsewhere and a number of features derived as input to probabilistic classification techniques. In addition to describing the features, we also provide information allowing interested parties to retrieve these data sets for use in their own work. The data sets contain no site-identifying information; each object is only described by a set of statistics and a class that defines the causal application.
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