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L. Tang and M. Crovella, "Virtual Landmarks for the Internet", in Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), Oct 2003, pp. 143-152.

Virtual Landmarks for the Internet
Authors: L. Tang
M. Crovella
Published: Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), 2003
Entry Date: 2010-10-22
Abstract: Internet coordinate schemes have been proposed as a method for estimating minimum round trip time between hosts without direct measurement. In such a scheme, each host is assigned a set of coordinates, and Euclidean distance is used to form the desired estimate. Two key questions are: How accurate are coordinate schemes across the Internet as a whole? And: are coordinate assignment schemes fast enough, and scalable enough, for large scale use? In this paper we make contributions toward answering both those questions. Whereas the coordinate assignment problem has in the past been approached by nonlinear optimization, we develop a faster method based on dimensionality reduction of the Lipschitz embedding. We show that this method is reasonably accurate, even when applied to measurements spanning the Internet, and that it naturally leads to a scalable measurement strategy based on the notion of virtual landmarks.