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D. Wessels and k. claffy, "Can WWW caches help to save the Internet?", in Coordination and Administration of the Internet Workshop, Sep 1996.

Can WWW caches help to save the Internet?
Authors: D. Wessels
k. claffy
Published: Coordination and Administration of the Internet Workshop, 1996
Entry Date: 2004-02-06

A number of different factors can make Web browsing slow. Internet circuits in many places are running at full capacity and often suffer from congestion. Since a typical Web transaction involves a handful of se rvice providers, any congested link along the way can cause the entire connection to be slow. It might be your local provider, a backbone operator, or the remote server's provider. Or it may be that the remote server machine is just too busy. When Web sites suddenly become popular, the server systems are often unp repared to handle the load. It is also somewhat appropriate to blame the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTT P) because the current version transfers only one request per connection.

What can be done to speed things up?