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J. Xu, J. Fan, M. Ammar, and S. Moon, "On the Design and Performance of Prefix-Preserving IP Traffic Trace Anonymization", in ACM SIGCOMM IMC, 2001.

On the Design and Performance of Prefix-Preserving IP Traffic Trace Anonymization
Authors: J. Xu
J. Fan
M. Ammar
S. Moon
Published: ACM SIGCOMM IMC, 2001
ENTRY DATE: 2008-09-16
ABSTRACT: Real-world Internet traffic traces are crucial for network research such as workload characterization, traffic engineering, packet classification, web performance, and more generally network measurement and simulation. However, only a tiny percentage of traffic traces collected are made public (e.g., by NLANR and ACM ITA project) for research puposes. One Major reason why ISPs or other traffic trace owners hesitate to make the traces publically available is the concern that the confidential (commercial) and private (personal) information regarding the senders and receivers of packets may be inferred from the trace. In cases where a trace has been made publicly available, the trace is typically subjected to an anonymization process before being released.