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A. Ziviani, S. Fdida, J.~F. de Rezende, O. Carlos, and M.~B. Duarte, "Toward a measurement-based geographic location service", in Passive and Active Network Measurement Workshop (PAM), 2004, pp. 43-52.

Toward a measurement-based geographic location service
Authors: A. Ziviani
S. Fdida
J. F. de Rezende
O. Carlos
M. B. Duarte
Published: Passive and Active Network Measurement Workshop (PAM), 2004
Entry Date: 2010-10-22
Abstract: Location-aware applications require a geographic location service of Internet hosts. We focus on a measurement-based service for the geographic location of Internet hosts. Host locations are inferred by comparing delay patterns of geographically distributed landmarks, which are hosts with a known geographic location, with the delay pattern of the target host to be located. Results show a significant correlation between geographic distance and network delay that can be exploited for a coarse-grained geographic location of Internet hosts.},