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Zuev D. and Moore A., "Traffic Classification using a Statistical Approach", in Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM), Mar 2005.

Traffic Classification using a Statistical Approach
Authors: Zuev D.
Moore A.
Published: Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM), 2005
Entry Dates: 2009-02-09
Abstract: Accurate traffic classification is the keystone of numerous network activities. Our work capitalises on hand-classified network data, used as input to a supervised Bayes estimator. We illustrate the high level of accuracy achieved with a supervised Naive Bayes estimator; with the simplest estimator we are able to achieve better than 83% accuracy on both a per-byte and a per-packet basis
  • Genome Campus Datasets;
  • demonstrate an accuracy of better than 66% of flows and better than 83% for packets and bytes;