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Autonomous System (AS) connectivity between Internet eXchanges (IX) in 2002

Visualization of Autonomous Systems (AS) inter-connections between Internet eXchange points (IX) in 2002.

    Image Key:

Image Key
  • AS layer Each horizontal line represents an AS. (AS labels are provided in a larger scale image). Vertical lines connecting the AS lines and the IX bars in the layer below show the presence of a given AS at a given IX. ASes that are present at only one IX and do not provide any inter-IX connections are omitted from the visualization.
    Vertically, AS lines are grouped by the number of continents they connect. Those nearest to the IX layer connect IXes within a single continent. These intra-continental AS lines are colored by the color of a corresponding continent. Lines depicting ASes providing inter-continental connections are white. The more continents they connect (up to 4) the higher is their position in the image.

  • IX layer Each bar represents an IX. The length of a bar is proportional to the number of ASes present at this IX (and connecting it to at least one other IX). IXes are ordered on the x axis by their longitude. When space allows, IX labels are written on their corresponding bars. Otherwise, IX labels are placed below their corresponding bar, in the label layer.

  • Label layers This layer provides additional space for IX labels.

  • Continent layers Continent bars are sorted on the y axis by their longitude. Horizontally, a bar spans all IXes found in a corresponding continent.

    Image Data Source:

This visualization is based on the data gathered by CAIDA Macroscopic Topology Project. Our skitter tool [1] collected forward IP paths between skitter monitor hosts and a large number of target destinations. Among IP addresses seen in these paths we identified addresses belonging to IXes using the IX database maintained by Packet Clearing House [2]. For all remaining IP addresses we determined their origin ASes using BGP tables [3] from Route Views [4]. The image shows all links between IXes and ASes we found in skitter traces during the period from 2002/10/01 to 2002/10/07

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all links between IXes and ASes found from 2002/10/01 to 2002/10/07 (click to enlarge)


[1] CAIDA's skitter tool
[2] Packet Clearing House's Internet eXchange point data base
[3] K. Lougheed and Y. Rekhter., RFC 1106, "Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)"
[4] Meyer, D. University of Oregon Route Views Project.

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Visualization of Autonomous Systems (AS) interconnections between InterneteXchange points (IX).

This shows the interconnections provided by Autonmous Systems (AS) between Internet eXchanges (IX).

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