Downloads of CAIDA Online Datasets

Download statistics are derived from the data server web logs. Our current archive of web logs goes back to 2005. For the restricted datasets web log records contain the user name of the account downloading data, file name and total size of the dowloads. For public datasets the records only contain an IP address. The number of users represent the number of unique accounts or IP addresses that accessed our web servers within a period of one month. Similarly, the calculated size of a download only count unique files inside one month, i.e., if a file is downloaded multiple times by the same user in the same month it is counted only once.

Last update: 2019-Jul-29 07:05:28 UTC

Downloads of CAIDA Restricted And Public Datasets Since 2005

The graphs show the number of users (left two graphs) and the amount of data downloaded (right two graphs) over the years since 2005, both for CAIDA's restricted datasets (top two graphs) and CAIDA's public datasets (bottom two graphs). Some of the restricted data categories aggregate multiple CAIDA datasets, e.g. 'passive' shows the number for all our passive Internet traces datasets; 'topology' combines both archival skitter data and data from the currently active Ark project; and 'backscatter' includes all backscatter datasets from the UCSD Network Telescope. Similarly, some of the public categories also aggregate several public dataset: 'AS relationships' includes users of the AS Rank web query page, and users of the AS Relationships dataset.

Tables with Counts of Users and Downloaded Amounts of Data per Month

The raw numbers on which these graphs are based are given in four tables providing the counts per month of users of CAIDA datasets, and the amount of data they download.

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