IPv6 Topology Collection 200801

In December 2007, we asked for people to help collect IPv6 topology data. We greatly appreciate the response and the data we received which far exceeded our expectations. After looking over the resulting topology, we found that the initial destination list we created failed to provide enough coverage.

We have expanded the initial list beyond announced prefixes to include every IPv6 allocation found in the RIR delegation files. This list provides much greater topological diversity. We post this request for the next round of data collection with this expanded destination list and hope to receive data collected during the period January 9-16, 2008.


The current Internet network layer protocol - Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) - has been strained by the rapid growth of the Internet. Many regions of the world are beginning to use the new IPv6 protocol which supports vastly more directly addressable Internet hosts than IPv4. In partnership with a global array of volunteers, we coordinated a measurement snapshot of the IPv6 topology beginning on 4 March 2005. We used the measurement data to generate this IPv6 AS-level Internet Topology Core map.

CAIDA is now calling for volunteers to participate in a 2008 IPv6 measurement experiment. We would like the measurements to begin anytime between Tuesday January 9th and 16th, 2008.


Download scamper and the IPv6 destination list provided below.

Compile with (on Linux, Mac OS X) with

      make -f Makefile.gnu 
or (on FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD)

Then run scamper (as root, or setuid root scamper and run as an ordinary user), this will take around 30 minutes to run, with:

      scamper -c "trace -P icmp-paris -q 3" -O warts -o <site-name*>.warts ipv6.200801.list.txt

example: scamper -O warts -o san.caida.warts ipv6.200801.list.txt
*If the city location of your probe has a three letter airport code, please start with this code. san = San Diego, lax = Los Angeles, etc


scamper: scamper-cvs-20070523i.tar.gz (link to external site)
   MD5:  9f9228da76c0f74c38ea1711ec500e0c
   SHA1:  9343192fa65f843b288a954961cdc7c6a313ef7e
IPv6 list: ipv6.200801.list.txt


(No longer accepting uploads.)

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