Passive Monitor: equinix-nyc

The equinix-nyc Internet data collection monitor is located at an Equinix datacenter in New York, New York.

For the listing of CAIDA's active data and passive data monitors, see the CAIDA Data Monitors page.


The infrastructure consists of 2 physical machines, numbered 1 and 2. Both machines have a single Endace 6.2 DAG network monitoring card. A single DAG card is connected to a single direction of the bi-directional backbone link. The directions have been labeled A (Sao Paulo to New York) and B (New York to Sao Paulo). Both machines have 2 Intel Dual-Core Xeon 3.00GHz CPUs, with 8 GB of memory and 1.3 TB of RAID5 data disk, running Linux 2.6.15 and DAG software version dag-

Realtime Traffic Report Generator

Realtime traffic reporting for this monitor will soon be available.

Traffic traces

The first passive traffic traces on this monitor were taken on March 15, 2018, Each month a 1-hour trace is recorded for both directions. The quarterly traces from this monitor are available to researchers (in anonymized form) in the CAIDA passive trace datasets:

Some statistical information about this collection of 1-hour traces is available at

Time Synchronization

Both physical machines are configured to synchronize their hardware clock via NTP. The DAG measurement cards have their own internal high-precision clock, that allows it to timestamp packets with 15 nanosecond precision. Every time a traffic trace is taken, The DAG internal clock gets synchronized to the host hardware clocks right before measurement starts. NTP accuracy is typically in the millisecond range, so at initialization the clocks on the individual DAG measurement cards can be off by a couple of milliseconds relative to each other. The precision (ie. timing within the packet trace) within a single direction of trace data is 15 nanosecond for the DAG files, and 1 microsecond for PCAP files.

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