The Data Page for Comparative Analysis of the Internet AS-Level Topologies

This is a data page supplementary to the paper "Lessons from Three Views of Internet AS-Level Topology".


CAIDA Technical Report TR-2005-02: Lessons from Three Views of Internet AS-Level Topology

Topology data sources

The Internet AS-level topology graphs obtained from skitter measurements, BGP tables, BGP updates, and the RIPE WHOIS database are available for download below. The data files list undirected AS links: ASx ASy.

skitter.gz ; BGP_tables.gz ; BGP_updates.gz ; WHOIS.gz .

Master comparison

We calculate the most basic and commonly used statistical characteristics of the above topologies. We release statistics tables, plots, and calculated data used to draw them.

BGP tables vs. WHOIS comparison

Since WHOIS topology is so different from the other data sources, we compare BGP-table and WHOIS topologies narrowed to the set of nodes present both in BGP tables and WHOIS. We present the results of this comparison.

Source code

We are making available some of our scripts to compute the various metrics.

metrics_source.tar.gz ; README ;

Please contact Priya Mahadevan (priya at for more information.

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