Press Coverage - Identifying influential spreaders in complex networks

Listed below are press coverage and online articles featuring or related to the "Identifying influential spreaders in complex networks" paper. The paper was authored by Maksim Kitsak, Lazaros K. Gallos, Shlomo Havlin, Fredrik Liljeros, Lev Muchnik, H. Eugene Stanley, and Hernán A. Makse.

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    Press Coverage

  • CJ (Science for SEO)
    Science for SEO: "Many followers != Influence"
  • Kit Eaton (
    Fast Company: "Want to Spread News on Twitter? It's Who You Know, Not How Many"
  • Dale Peskin (
    We Media: "Ashton Kutcher punked: We are a virus."
  • Technology Review (MIT)
    Technology Review: "Best Connected Individuals Are Not The Most Influential Spreaders in Social Networks"
  • Tudor Vieru (Softpedia)
    Softpedia: "How Things Spread Through Social Networks"

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