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cflowd Status

Software changes for cflowd are listed below.

cflowd is no longer supported by CAIDA. Instead, please consider the use of flow-tools, which will provide a toolset for working with NetFlow data. flow-tools can also be used (like cflowd) in conjunction with FlowScan, maintained by Dave Plonka at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

February 9, 1999

cflowd-2-0-b8 and arts++-0-9-b6 are now available on the ftp site. These are interim releases prepared mostly to address some important bugs. See:

You may review revision details by reading:

arts++ ChangeLog
cflowd ChangeLog
February 8, 1999
The planned release of support for v8 flow-export has been delayed one week to accomodate the bug fix release of cflowd-2-0-b8 and arts++-0-9-b6. The new target release date for v8 flow-export support is February 19, 1999.
January 27, 1999
Support for v8 flow-export is in the works.

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