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Hyperbolic Graph Generator

The Hyperbolic-Graph-Generator (hg_graph) is a package of tools to generate graphs embedded in the hyperbolic plane, and to compute the efficiency of greedy forwarding in these graphs.


Download Hyperbolic Graph Generator v1.0.1. The latest revisions are also on GitHub as well.


This standalone package is also a core component of the hyperbolic routing package that is going to be integrated into the NDNSim. Hyperbolic routing is greedy geometric routing in a hyperbolically embedded network. Hyperbolic routing has attractive scalability and efficiency characteristics. In particular, applied to the AS Internet, hyperbolic routing is nearly optimal, i.e., maximally scalable ( The NDN testbed has been recently mapped to the hyperbolic plane yielding similar routing efficiency ( Because of its exceptional scalability and efficiency characteristics, hyperbolic routing is one of the routing strategies in the NDN architecture.

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