Assumptions made during the creatition 
			of this data base.


	JPL - Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, CA
	ARC - AMESRES. CTR. in Moffett Field, CA
	LeRC - Lewis RES. CTR. in Cleveland, OH
	LaRC - Langley RES. CTR. in Hampton, VA
	JSC - Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX 
	Rose Engineering - Sacramento, CA
	MSFC - Marshall Space Flight Center in Birmingham, AL
	Pratt-Whitney in West Palm Beach, FL
	Lockheed in Marietta GA
	McDonnell Douglas in Hazelwood, MO

	Don't know what to do with the PSCN FRAME RELAY. Left it out for now.
	Should we treat SMDS as a cload


	VP = T3?					45Mps

	For now I will comment out planned links.
	LBL - Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
	ISI-W - Los Angeles
	SRI - SRI Internation in Menlo Park, CA
	TIOC - Technology Integration and Operations Center is in Overland Park,
	LA - Los Angales, CA
	CMU - Carnegie Mellon Collage near Pittsburgh, PA 
	DC - Washington DC
	Bell - Bell Laboratories in Middletown, NJ
	BBN - Bolt, Beranek and Newman is in Cambridge, MA
	DARPA - Arlington, VA
	MCI-R - Weston, VA
	AMES - Moffet Field, VA
	ISI-E - Washington, DC
	NASA - Washington, DC (or Virginia)
	NRL-V6 - Navel research lab version six - Washington, DC
	Sun = Sun Microsystems - Mountainview, CA
	Netstar - Alameda, CA
	UDEL - Wilmington, DE
	MCI-R - Reston, VA
	TIS - Trusted Information Systems, Washington, DC 

                T3         	45 
		OC-3C      	155Mbps
		OC-3C-T3-OC3C 	118 #goes through 2 routers
		OC=3C=T3	100
		OC-12		622

		Cornell THeory Ctr (CTC) is in Ithaca, NY
		Pittsburg SC(PSC) is in Pitts, PA
		Nat. Ctr. SupCom. App. is in Urbana-Champaign, Ill
		Nat. Ctr. Atm. Rsrch (NCAR) is in Bolder Co

		MFS-NAP is in Washington, DC
		Sprint NAP is in Pennsauken, NJ 
		Ameritech NAP is in Chicago, IL.
		Pac Bell is in San Francisco, CA

		NOR is in Cleveland, Ohio
		HSJ is in Houston, TX
		DNJ is in Denver, Co
		PYM is in Perryman, MD
		NCAR - National Center for Atmospheric Research is in Boulder, CO
		PSC is in Pitts, PA
		DNG (Downers Grove) is in DG (near Chic), IL
		HAY is in San Francisco, CA

	for acronym defs:
	- Sprint-nap is in Pennsauken, NJ
	- NRL-MRY is NRL, CA 
	- NAWC-WPN is in CA
	- NRG School is in Monterey, CA
	- NFESC is in Port Hueneme, CA
	- AF Academy is in Colorado Springs
	- Hanscom is in Bedford, MA
	- WRAIR - Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Wash., DC
	- NTF - National Transonic Facility, Hampton, VA
	- Naval Academy is in Annapolis, MD
	- Eglin, FL -- (in Eglin Air Flight Base) using Niceville, FL as estimate
	- Tyndall, FL -- (in Tyndall Air Flight Base) using Callaway, FL as estimate

		Using only green nodes.
		Assuming all bandwidths are T3's.

		Since they're nameless, assuming they are:
			Chicago, IL
			Washington, DC
			Atlanta, GA
			Los Angeles, CA
			Sacremento, CA
			TIOC	Kansas City, KS
		NRL-SSC - Stennis Space Center, Bay St. Louis, MS

		lat longs should be there already from iDREN
		NRL-SSC -- assume in Vicksburg, MS

		OC3 ATM:      155Mbps
		T3 ATM        45 Mbps
		T1-T3 ATM     23.25
		T3            45
		T1-T3         23.25
		T1	      1.5 

        High speed and Backbone connections 		45Mbps
	End site connections				1.5Mbps
        Inter-Network and International connections 	1.5Mbps

	That the connection to Anatarctica goes to Mawson Station.
	CTIO is 80 km to the East of La Serena, Chile
	Assumed the ESA connect went to ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany.
	Assumed the NCES connect went to Tuolouse Space Center in Toulouse cedex, France.
	Assumed the Greenland connect went to Nuuk
	There was severl links that went to the same lat & long.  Where possible they where
	compressed into a single node
	Node		City		Lat  & Long
	SDSC		San Deigo	23.32 -117

	GSFC - Goddard Space Flight Center, DC
	KSC - Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL
	ASU - Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ
	UA - University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK
	UO - University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
	OR - Oregon State, Corvallis, OR
	UM - University of Montana, Missoula, MT
	UH - University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
	Cornell, NY - in Ithaca, NY
	Nuuk, Greenland - Using Narsarssuaq 
	ESA, Germany - Using Berlin
	SAO - Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA
	Penn S - Pennsylvania State, State College, PA
	Wallops FF - Wallops Flight Facility, using Chincoteaugue, VA
	GIFF - Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York, NY
	WHOI - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA
	U Rhode Island - Kingston, RI
	U New Hampshire - Durham, NH
	Bigelow Lab - Boothbay Harbor, ME
	Niagra U, NY - Niagra Falls, NY
	NRC - National Research Council, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
	ISTS - Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science, North York, Ontario
	York U - Toronto, Canada
	Dartmouth - Hanover, NH
	USNO Richmond - Richmond Heights, FL
	CTIO Chile - Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory, La Serena, Chile
	Arecibo, Puerto Rico - Using San Juan
	UTSI - University of Tennesse Space Institute, Tullahoma, TN
	Fisk U - in Nashville, TN
	U Michigan - in Ann Arbor, MI
	Augsburg College - Minneapolis, MN
	UM - Minneapolis, MN
	UK - University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
	Harding U, AR - Searcy, AR
	US Florida - Tampa, FL
	UAH - Huntsville, AL
	USRA - University Space Research Association, Huntsville, AL
	LPI - Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX
	NSBF - National Scientific Ballon Facility, Palestine, TX
	NMHU - New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM
	NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, CO
	NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, Chesapeake, VA
	UA - University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
	JRL Barstow - Barstow, CA
	DFRF - Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA
	OVRO - Owens Valley Radio Observatory, Big Pine, CA
	USGS Flagstaff - U.S. Geological Survey, Flagstaff AZ
	BBSO - Big Bear Solar Observatory, Big Bear, CA
	SWRI - SouthWest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX
	NORDA - Naval Ocean Research and Development Activity, located in SSC
	NSO - National Solar Observatory, Otero County, NM

	All connections					1000Mbps
	Forts are by cities of the same name.