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Otter Does VBNS SNMP

Otter Does VBNS SNMP

a visualization of some VBNS 's SNMP Data

The source data file used to create otter files: daily.db

Below is my first attempt to use Otter to display the snmp data. While Otter does provide tools for manual placment I will just use the default placement for all the images you see.

While this looks very nice it has the problem that most of the connections you see are not provide in the orginal data set. But where added by me (from the blue book) to create a full connected graph. This means that out of the lines shown only a small subset actual have values. Looks nice all the same

The image bellow is what Otter currently does if only those lines/nodes that have values are shown. As you can see it does not look nearly as comeplet or nice. Another problem is those little nodes in the middle. They are nodes which are not connected to any root, roots are fore switchs. Which mean that they are not placed by my root/connected based algorithm and stay where there are placed when they where first created. While a new algorithm, which I am happy to write, could do "something" use with these nodes the problem remains that the network is not connected.

As if that was not enough we have the problem that for any give data set only a small subset of even these links have values. (I have play around a little so the unconnect nodes are displayed.) The names have been removed because it was too cluttered up on the east coast.

I will not try to display all the types of values that could be used there are 24 and many of which only have 0 for all links. One exsample is given below. Notice that a lot of the lines are black. That is because they don't have any values for this data set so are left with thier defualt coloring.

In conclusion. I think that before this can become a more meaningful viz it will need to have data sets that apply to all the connects. Possiblely by compressing some of the existsing sets into a single set. I leaves that to other elfs with greater know how then me. Also a more complete graph (no cuts please) would be also help alot.

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