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Skitter Specifications

Below are minimum specifications for skitter monitors.

Processor PIII 1Ghz or better ( Athlon should be fine, too )
Memory 512 MB
Hard drive 9gig or bigger
Network ethernet interface
10baseT is okay for current experiments, but we strongly encourage 100baseT to keep options open for future experiments.
Operating System FreeBSD 4.8 (it runs on just about any freebsd from 3.0 on, but for security reasons, 4.8 is the best)
Firewall/Port access ssh in from ( at the least )
3100/tcp in from
8443/tcp out to
icmp in & out to any ( this is the actual skitter traffic )
some sort of ntp access
Required bandwidth By default, skitter limits itself to 300 52-byte packets per second. This limiting is conservative. i.e. it works out to be less than this in real situations. This setting is also configurable.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Daniel Andersen
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