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AS paths in hypviewer

Here are some views of AS paths in hypviewer. The displayed spanning tree represents AS connectivity according to AS paths in BGP as seen from on March 3, 1999. The AS path data was collected using mrtd. Note that I removed the sphere from these pictures for clarity; after using hypviewer for a while, the sphere becomes clutter that you don't need.

This is the root of our spanning tree drawn from AS paths. ALPHA-NAP is AS 1909 (CAIDA). It's from here that we captured the AS path data using mrtd.
Here we clicked on the node at the center of the cluster in the bottom of our first view. hypviewer brings the node to the front and center, and we see that this AS is the VBNS.
Again following the large clusters, we clicked on the node at the center of the large cluster behind the VBNS, and found Cable and Wireless (CWUSA).
Here we clicked on one of the small clusters off of CWUSA and found Verio. Since we're in a fairly small neighborhood, we see many labels. Note that there's a skitter source inside BLACKROSE-1 (skitter source not shown).

Daniel W. McRobb

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