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straightenRV / Atoms Download Package

The rv2atoms package contains perl scripts which analyze and process a Route Views table and compute BGP policy atoms.

Included in this Atoms download package is the straightenRV script, which reads Route Views tables (in either the text "show ip bgp" format, or binary MRT format) and outputs a variety of statistics and simplified information about the prefixes and ASes in said table. This can be used to map prefixes to origins ASes, for instance.

An alternative, optimized C implementation of the scripts are available.

Created as a result of the Atomized Routing project supported by RIPE NCC, sponsored by NLnet Labs.

rv2atoms (including straightenRV)

version 0.5 (September 14, 2009) | CHANGES | man pages

version 0.4 (June 26, 2003) | CHANGES | man pages

version 0.3 (Apr 1, 2003) | CHANGES

version 0.2 (Mar 11, 2003) | CHANGES

version 0.1.0 (Dec 20, 2002)

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