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CYMRU Bogon Reference Dataset
This dataset provides historic and current daily bogons and fullbogons lists compiled by Team Cymru. The most recent daily lists are available at Team Cymru portal. This dataset contains a collection of lists that CAIDA has been downloading daily since September 2013.
Bogons are private and reserved addresses and netblocks that have not be allocated to a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). They are commonly found as the source addresses of DDoS attacks. This dataset provides daily aggregated and unaggregated bogon lists that are updated as IANA allocations and special prefix reservations are made.
Fullbogons are a larger set which also includes IP space that has been allocated to an RIR, but not assigned by that RIR to an actual ISP or other end-user. This dataset provides two type of fullbogons lists:
  • IPv4 fullbogons, the raditional bogon prefixes, plus prefixes that have been allocated to RIRs but not yet assigned by those RIRs to ISPs, end-users, etc.
  • IPv6 "fullbogons", all IPv6 prefixes that have not been allocated to RIRs and that have not been assigned by RIRs to ISPs, end-users, etc.

More information can be found at Team Cymru Portal.

Data Access

Access to these data is subject to the terms of the following CAIDA Acceptable Use Agreement (printable version in PDF format)

As required by the AUA, if you use this dataset in any publication (including but not limited to: papers, presentations, web pages, and papers published by a third party) please include the following reference:

The Team Cymru Bogon Dataset, <date range used>
Please report all your publications (papers, presentations, class projects, websites etc.) to CAIDA.

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