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IPv6 AS Links Dataset - User Info Request

To maintain our funding for providing current and new datasets to the research community, it is very important for us, and our funding agencies, to know what research is done with these datasets.

Please fill out the form below to provide us with this information. All fields are optional. CAIDA will primarily use this information for reporting to our funding agencies. Email addresses will not be redistributed.

If you have any questions or problems using this form, please send email to

Email address: 
Relationship to CAIDA:    I am an academic researcher / faculty advisor / student
   I am a CAIDA sponsor
   I am a U.S. government contractor
   I am from a U.S. government agency
   Other (please specify):
How many students will use the data? (if applicable):
Please let us know what you plan to do with this data: 
    Subscribe me to (CAIDA data related announcements, e.g. availability of new datasets)
Specify start and end date (must be specified in the format YYYY/MM/DD). These fields are optional.
If no start and end date is specified, you will be redirected to the URL for the whole dataset.
If you specify a valid start and end date, you will be provided with a URL pointing to a
customized dataset containing only the files between start date and end date (inclusive).
The earliest AS link data are from December 2008 (2008/12/12).
Start date in format YYYY/MM/DD (optional):
End date if format YYYY/MM/DD (optional):
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