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AT&T Interconnection - Measuring Internet Interconnection Performance Metrics
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Pursuant to an FCC order 15-94, AT&T engages CAIDA as an Independent Measurement Expert to perform various duties in connection with developing a methodology for the measurement of Internet interconnection performance metrics.

Funding source: AT&T. Period of performance: November 1, 2015 - October 31, 2019.

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Statement of Work

Acting as an independent contractor, CAIDA will conduct measurements and assessments of performance characteristics of traffic exchanged at Internet Interconnection Points located within the United States.

This project involves the following tasks:

  1. CAIDA will propose a Methodology to measure and report performance characteristics of Internet interconnections addressing the following criteria:
    • identification of Internet Interconnection Points, including the identity of the interconnecting parties and the location and capacity of each Internet Interconnection Point;
    • identification of a disclosure exemption threshold for a minimum volume of traffic exchanged between AT&T and interconnecting parties;
    • a definition of latency (including the probability distribution), packet loss, and utilization;
    • time of measurements, which will, at a minimum, include an identified window within peak usage periods;
    • for any performance metric contingent upon an interconnecting party's participation in the selected measurement methodology, a process for waiving the disclosure of that metric at Internet Interconnection Points where the interconnecting party declines to participate;
    • frequency and duration of measurements;
    • any devices used for measurement;
    • end points of measurements;
    • placement of any devices;
    • frequency of disclosures.
  2. CAIDA will consult with AT&T on AT&T's preparation of the report for Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on the resulting Methodology. CAIDA and AT&T jointly will review the first report that is due to FCC and the Independent Compliance Officer (ICO) by January 31, 2016.
  3. If CAIDA and AT&T conclude that there is a problem with the performance metrics contained in the first Report then:
    • CAIDA will propose a revision of the Methodology to resolve the problem(s) that is satisfactory to the FCC and to AT&T;
    • CAIDA will consult with AT&T on AT&T's explanation of the problem(s) and the proposed revision of the Methodology;
    • CAIDA and AT&T will repeat this process until there has been a Metrics Report that CAIDA and AT&T agree contains no problematic performance metrics.

Amended methodology

The agreed-upon revised methodology is available in the First Amended Report of AT&T Independent Measurement Expert: Reporting requirements and measurement methods. A letter sent to the FCC from AT&T on August 4th 2016, Applications of AT&T Inc. and DIRECTV for Consent To Assign or Transfer Control of Licenses and Authorizations, MB Docket No. 14-90 was posted declaring this methodology satisfactory. Justification from CAIDA to the FCC was also sent August 4th, in the document Report of AT&T Independent Measurement Expert: Background and supporting arguments for measurement and reporting requirements.

Terms of Agreement

AT&T and CAIDA agree that:

  1. in order for CAIDA to validate the Methodology and to conduct the review process, CAIDA will have reasonable access to certain underlying data as necessary (protected information).
  2. CAIDA will hold the protected Information in confidence exercising no less than reasonable degree of care, restrict its disclosure, and use it only for the purpose of performing CAIDA's obligations for this project;
  3. CAIDA will be involved in testing and practical evaluating of proposed measurement methods.
  4. Because of the public interest in obtaining independent measurement expertise of the Internet interconnections performance, the resulting Methodology will be publicly disclosed and will not contain any protected information.
  5. CAIDA may use any general learnings from the duties performed over the course of this project to enhance CAIDA's independent measurement methods and processes.
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