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Analysis & Visualization of BGP Connectivity Among Autonomous Systems

Based on the success of last years URB project we would like to continue and extend our research and analysis of connectivity among autonomous systems. For 2003-2004 our research agenda would involve both analysis and visualization components. First, we would like to evaluate inter-AS connectivity based on prefixlevel granularity as well as AS granularity. We also want to develop a publically available set of tools for analyzing peering, transit, and customer relationships based on Cisco BGP output. Finally, our analysis groundwork renders us in a strong position to develop much more powerful visualization tools customized for BGP tables. Results of this research will offer not only novel and innovative visualization and mapping techniques, but also key data for any infrastructure protection center involved in warning, analysis, and coordinating emergency response to infrastructure threats. Both the PSIRT and CIAG [1] groups within Cisco have expressed strong interest in continuation of this work and recommended the URB program as the most appropriate vehicle at this time.

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