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NGI - Next Generation Internet
UCSD/CAIDA is focusing on advancing the capacity to monitor, depict, and predict traffic behavior on current and advanced networks, through developing and deploying tools to better engineer and operate networks and to identify traffic anomalies in real time. CAIDA is concentrating efforts in the development of tools to automate the discovery and visualization of Internet topology and peering relationships, monitor and analyze Internet traffic behavior on high speed links, detect and control resource use (security), and provide for storage and analysis of data collected in aforementioned efforts. CAIDA is also working on visualizing massive data sets under this effort. Finally, CAIDA is colocating skitter measurement hosts with select DNS root servers to provide ICANN recommendations regarding optimal locations for the root name servers. CAIDA's cooperative agreement with DARPA for funding these activities went into effect on July 16th, 1998.
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Specific NGI Projects

  • CoralReef - OC48 monitor
  • Internet tomography using skitter
  • DNS Root Server initiative
  • CoralReef - security enhancements
  • Database/Analysis
  • Visualization of Massive Data Sets

NGI Project Coordinator

If you would like to learn more about CAIDA's NGI initiative, please contact kc claffy at, 858-534-8333.

NGI Project Web Pages

Contains links to original proposal, as well as quarterly, and annual reports.

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