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NMS - Network Modeling and Simulation
This project involves development of tools, collection of data, and performance of analyses aimed at supporting the network modeling and simulation communities.

Funding Source: DARPA.

Specific NMS Tasks

  • Develop and/or enhance Internet measurement tools and collection efforts; expand the quantity and quality of datasets available to the community (e.g., topology, performance, workload, and routing);
  • Develop mechanisms to manipulate, analyze, navigate, and compare large inter-domain routing tables, and compare them not only to one another but to topology maps derived from active probe measurements. A graphical interface to a routing table that is intuitive and efficient could facilitate the ability to identify incongruities quickly.
  • Develop mechanisms to analyze a topological model of the 'Internet core', including techniques to identify infrastructural vulnerabilities created by dependencies on critical components, e.g., the relative importance of specific public exchange points and private peering points to reachability of select groups of ASes and networks.
  • Analyze the extent and effect of unicast and multicast routing incongruities on performance. Anticipated growth in streaming media and multicast technologies will increase the need for recommendations regarding measurement, analysis, and mitigation of problems generated by routing incongruities between these types of traffic.
  • Make the resulting tools, data, and lessons learned publicly available through documented web-based resources and outreach efforts targeting users and designers of simulators, faculty, researchers, and vendors.

NMS Progress

Related Work

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